Today, thousands of Americans from across the country will join Biden’s celebration of the Inflation Reduction Act at the White House, including Cabinet Secretaries, Members of Congress, Governors, Mayors, climate and environmental leaders, healthcare activists, and union workers.

Biden will convey that the Inflation Reduction Act is “a major win for middle-class families over rich special interests.”

What’s next for Joe Biden?

A White House official told The Pavlovic Today that the President will explain in his address that the Inflation Reduction Act “delivers on promises that Washington has made to the American people for decades – lowering costs for families and finally taking aggressive action to tackle the climate crisis.”

The President will hit out at the Republicans and say how they “unanimously opposed lowering costs for the American people.”

Biden will also use this celebration to “remind the country that congressional Republicans stopped us from capping the price of insulin at $35 and are going all-out to prevent the IRS from stopping rich lawbreakers taking advantage of everyone else.”


Newsroom at The Pavlovic Today

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