President Biden entered the Tacos 1986,  a Mexican restaurant near UCLA along with Rep. Karen Bass and Hilda Solis.

Biden asked for a “takeout order for Bass” and then took out cash to pay, asking, “What do we owe you?”

The President was told he received a 50 percent “public service” discount. He then gave the cashier $60 and told him to give the next customer their meal for free.

Biden revealed he ordered two chicken quesadillas and then answered a few questions from reporters.

On rising gas prices, President said nationwide, “they came down about $1.35 and they’re still down over a dollar, but we’re going to work on housing … That’s the most important thing we have to do.”

Asked what’s his message to Saudi Arabia, Biden said, “We’re about to talk to you.” The only hint he was willing to give: “Stay tuned.”

With the midterms fast approaching, Biden said he would closely follow the races across the country. “I can’t tell you how many but I’m going to be on the road.”

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