On Wednesday, December 7th, Raphael Warnock, from the Democratic Party, defeated Republican Herschel Walker in Georgia Runoff with 51.4% of votes. With that, Biden becomes the first president since 1934 not to lose a single incumbent Senator in a midterm election.

According to White House spokesperson Andrew Bates, Senator Warnock ran on the Biden agenda, which was “key” to the President’s success in maintaining all Democratic senators.

Senator Warnock ran on cutting costs, with ads highlighting Medicare’s new ability to negotiate lower prescription drug prices and the new price caps on insulin for Medicare recipients.

His campaign also used the Inflation Reduction Act and the lower energy costs for families. In a tweet published on June 12th, Warnock noted that one of the legislations he is most proud of is the American Rescue Plan “because of the expanded Child Tax Credit, which helped working families care for their kids.” Senator Warnock also reiterated his support for the CHIPS and Science Act, which fuels them manufacturing resurgence President Biden is leading.

Warnock maintains that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which he passed back in 2021, is paying off for Georgia. The project made significant investments in public transportation, strengthening rural broadband, road improvements, and access to clean water in Georgia.

The Georgia Senator was partially responsible for the President’s bold student debt relief policies, considering he advised the head of state on this matter. Similarly to President Biden, Warnock is a pro-choice advocate who voiced his frustration towards the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. Bates said that, like most congressional Republicans, Walker ran against the Biden agenda and with pro-MAGA policies.

“He repeatedly attacked the Inflation Reduction Act’s clean energy investments, which are already creating new manufacturing jobs – including in Georgia. He also blasted the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,” stated Bates.

“Senate Republicans and the host of other high profile Republican officials who widely supported Walker roundly attacked Senator Warnock for supporting the Biden agenda. The same wide array of Republican officials – including governors – embraced Walker despite his support for alarming conspiracy theories and ultra MAGA policies,” noted Bates.


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