POTUS Joe Biden ( Photo by Adam Schultz)

On the heels of the American Rescue Plan, Biden is preparing his next sweeping legislation, now focusing on infrastructure and clean energy. 

Today, it was announced that Biden’s “Build Back Better” infrastructure plan will be released on Wednesday during a public address in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Clean energy will be a priority in the plan by replacing old infrastructure with new green-infrastructure, a strategy that many Democrats agree is the best way to boost the economy while combating climate change. This is reflected in the plan’s expected policies, including allocating funds to install thousands of new electric vehicle charging stations, build new energy-efficient homes and build new electric power lines. 

The plan is expected to introduce up to $3 trillion in spending efforts to boost the economy and replace the country’s old waning infrastructure. 

Biden’s plan aims to take advantage of offshore wind energy and will “trigger more than $12 billion per year in capital investment and projects on both U.S. coasts, create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs, with more than 44,000 workers employed in offshore wind by 2030, and nearly 33,000 additional jobs in communities supported by offshore wind activity,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki said. 

It has not yet been revealed how this ambitious plan will be funded, yet Psaki claimed that the President has prepared a payment plan that will be revealed along with the full plan on Wednesday. 

The President’s plan faces a tumultuous future in Congress, as many Republicans are unlikely to sign-on in support of massive funding or tax increases for clean energy. 

“We’re currently 13th in the world [in infrastructure], no one believes we should be there, and he has planned to pay for it, which he will propose,” Psaki said. “But right now, once he proposes that our focus is also on having that engagement and discussion with members of Congress.”

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