• President Biden, wearing a blue suit and trademark aviators, was spotted entering the motorcade at 12:23 pm.
  • The motorcade departed the White House on this beautiful, crisp Autumn day at 12:27 pm
  • Biden is headed toward Howard Theatre where he is expected to deliver remarks about abortion.
  • The motorcade arrived at the Howard Theater at 12:32 pm. A good-sized crowd turned out and the floor is packed. Supporters are in the balcony as well. Supporters holding signs that say “Restore Roe” and “Defend Choice” and “Elect Democrats” are to his left and right on stage. 
  • Biden was introduced by Dr. Jennifer Villavicencio, an OBGYN. He began speaking at 12:44 pm. He opened by saying “we’re only 22 days away from the most consequential election in our history.”
  • The event has been live-streamed on the Biden campaign’s social media channels. 
  • In his speech, Biden promised that if Democrats control the Congress next year, he will work to codify abortion rights. “Here is the promise I make to you and the American people, the first bill I’ll send to Congress is to codify Roe v Wade,” he said. 
  • Earlier in his speech, Biden said that, in Dobbs, SCOTUS “practically dared” women to turn out and vote. He predicted that those voters would turn out in support of Democrats. He reiterated his argument that the Dobbs case endangers other established rights like gay marriage and access to contraception. 
  • Biden said of Sen. Lindsey Graham’s proposed abortion ban that, if it ever makes it to his desk, “I’ll veto it.” He mentioned also his infrastructure bill, gun control, student debt amnesty, and marijuana pardons.
  • Biden said abortion rights do not rest with the Supreme Court anymore. Instead, he told the crowd, the issue is up to Congress and “the final say about your right to choose rests with you.”
  • Remarks concluded at 12:57 with Biden shaking hands and taking selfies with supporters on stage. 




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