On Wednesday, January 4th, President Biden will announce in Kentucky $2 billion in investments from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to upgrade the Brent Spent Bridge and other bridges fundamental to the American economy. 

Today’s announcement is for the Large Bridge Project Grants from the infrastructure law’s Bridge Investment Program, which will be dedicated to repairing four economically significant bridges with a total cost of more than $100 million. 

According to a White House Official, the infrastructure projects are: 

  • Four moveable bridges crossing the Calumet River in Chicago, Illinois, critical for marine traffic to and from the Illinois International Port and surrounding industry. 
  • In New London, Connecticut, the funds will rebuild the northbound structure of the Gold Star Memorial Bridge, which is vital for the transportation of people and goods traveling between New York and New England. 
  • In San Francisco, California, the investment will be used to replace, retrofit and install critical structural elements of the Golden Gate Bridge to increase resilience against earthquakes.
  • In Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky, funds will upgrade the existing Brent Spence Bridge and build a new bridge to improve traffic along I-71/I-75, a critical freight route from Canada to Florida.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will invest a total of $40 billion in repairing and rebuilding  15,000 bridges nationwide, making it the largest fund dedicated to bridge infrastructure investment since the construction of the Eisenhower-era Interstate Highway System. 

During his visit, Biden will also discuss how his economic plan will lead to billions of dollars in private sector investments in Kentucky, Ohio, and across the country.

According to the White House, the government’s investment in infrastructure, clean energy, and high-growth industries is key to a resilient economy via better pay and jobs – including those that do not require a four-year degree. 

“Communities that were once hollowed out due to outsourcing are regaining manufacturing jobs – including in new industries of the future like clean energy and the digital economy – and seeing major investments in infrastructure,” stated the White House official. 

The Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration awarded a total of $23.5 million to prepare Ohio workers for good-paying manufacturing jobs in the industries of the future related to clean energy and the digital economy. 

The fund granted through the Good Jobs Challenge initiative will benefit more than 1,000 manufacturing employers by placing 6,000 workers in the workforce or upskilling at their current employer. 

According to the White House, in early 2023, additional bridge and supply chain investments are expected from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s MEGA program, along with awards for the Bridge Investment Program’s allocation for bridge projects under $100 million. 

Biden’s schedule for June 7, 2023 is out

10:00 AM President Biden receives the Presidential Daily Briefing                                12:15 PM     President Biden has lunch with VP Harris Briefing Schedule 1:00 PM        Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre 

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