The motorcade arrived at the East Portland Community Center at 11:49 pm. Several dozen protestors advocating for different causes including anti-Marcos and anti-nuclear, lined the street outside. Pool arrived as Sen. Wyden was speaking. He was joined on stage by Sen. Merkley and Rep. Bonamici. 

President Biden entered the gymnasium at the community center at 12:24 and shook hands before jogging to the stage.

The event was timed with the beginning of the Medicare open enrollment period, and Biden spent much of the speech touting the provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act that will reduce prescription drug costs. 

In his remarks, Biden also praised the Oregon delegation in attendance, particularly calling out Senator Wyden, who is running for re-election. 

“He has done more to get the most significant legislation ever passed, other than the actual passage of the Medicare and Social Security, than anybody has in the United States Congress,” Biden said of Senator Wyden.

Biden criticized Republicans for voting against the Inflation Reduction Act and continued to call out Sen. Rick Scott and Sen. Ron Johnson over Medicare policy.

“If Republicans in Congress have their way, it means the power we just gave Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices goes away.  Gone.  The $2,000 cap on prescription drugs for seniors goes away.  Gone.  The $35-a-month cap on insulin goes away.  Gone.  Savings on healthcare premiums just got — we just got for millions of Americans. Gone,” said Biden.

The White House also distributed the same pamphlets from yesterday on Scott’s “12-point plan to rescue America.”

Biden concluded his remarks at 12:51 pm and moved to the rope line to take selfies and shake hands. 

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