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Biden makes clear to America that he will work to earn the vote of every American, not just his party or base during his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.

On August 20th, former Vice President Joe Biden officially accepted the nomination for President of the United States on day four of the Democratic National Convention. 

Biden began his speech with a promise to America, stating, “here and now, I give you my word. If you entrust me with the presidency, I will draw on the best of us, not the worst. I’ll be the ally of the light, not the darkness.”

The democratic presidential nominee made sure to recognize that his responsibility and commitment to America is beyond his political party. “While I’ll be a democratic candidate, I’ll be an American president,” Biden declared. 

Joe Biden stuck with the convention’s theme of “Uniting America” by refusing to only appeal to his supporters, noting that if elected, he will be president to all Americans. Biden stated, “I’ll work hard for those who didn’t support me, as hard for them as I did for those who did vote for me. That’s the job of the president, to represent all of us. Not just our base or our party.”

He went on to further his call for unity, wiping the image of a polarized red state versus blue state America and bringing to light the potential that the nation has in doing better. “This is not a partisan moment. This must be an American moment,” the former vice president said in the image of Obama at the 2004 convention.

Biden: Election Will “Determine What America Will Look Like For A Long, Long Time”

Photo by Lawrence Jackson / Biden for President

Joe Biden named the “four historic crises” that America faces, calling it a “perfect storm”: the coronavirus pandemic, the economic crisis, racial justice, and climate change. The former vice president called on Americans to take the upcoming election seriously, noting that “this is a life changing election. This will determine what America will look like for a long, long time.”

He warned listeners of what will happen if Trump is reelected, listing the number of coronavirus deaths, unemployment filings, and closings of small businesses. 

Biden said that if Trump had another term, these numbers would only get worse. He cited the concerns of working class Americans while slamming the wealthiest 1% of Americans who will get “tens of billions of dollars in new tax breaks.”

Biden On Coronavirus: “No Miracle Is Coming”

Photo by Adam Schultz / Biden for President

While praising former president Barack Obama, Biden said that many people do not thank him enough for all he did during his presidency. He took aim at President Trump, stating that Obama was someone that children looked up to, but that “no one is going to say that about the current occupant of the White House”.  

The former vice president went on to call Trump irresponsible, claiming that he refuses to lead and blames others. He also stated that Trump “cozies up to dictators” and “fans the flames of hate and division”. Biden said that Trump wakes up everyday and thinks the presidency is about him and not the American people. 

Joe Biden explained that Trump has optimism for the coronavirus to just disappear and that a miracle will happen. “Well I have news for him, no miracle is coming,” Biden stated. The democratic presidential nominee made another promise to Americans during his acceptance speech, vowing to “protect America… defend [America] from every attack, seen and unseen. Always. Without exception. Every time.”

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