Joe Biden has once again misspoken, this time while speaking about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s failures in the “war in Iraq.” Responding to journalists’ inquiries about Putin, Biden remarked, “It’s hard to tell, but he’s clearly losing the war in Iraq.”

The United States and its coalition partners carried out their own military intervention in Iraq in 2003. Russian leader, orchestrated a full-scale invasion of Ukraine back in February 2022.

The President’s latest blunder has reignited concerns about his overall health and ability to lead. With a history of verbal slip-ups, critics argue that such misstatements could potentially undermine the United States’ standing on the global stage. As Biden grapples with both foreign policy challenges and domestic issues, his frequent missteps only serve to fuel further criticism and skepticism.

This incident follows a recent episode where Biden concluded a speech at the National Safer Communities Summit in Connecticut by saying, “God save the Queen, man.” However, the traditional phrase is now typically said as “God save the King,” following the passing of the late Queen in September of the previous year.

Furthermore, the President appeared to forget the job title of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, addressing him as “Mr. President” earlier this month. These slip-ups have not gone unnoticed, adding to the concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities.

As the country watches closely, the impact of Biden’s verbal gaffes continues to generate skepticism and doubt.

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