At a virtual political reception on Wednesday night for Congresswoman Cynthia Axne, President Biden attacked former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss again. One can rightly ask how Liz Truss ended up in the conversation related to 2022 midterms?

Addressing the Democratic Party supporters, Biden compared Republican tax policies to the policy of former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss. He said Republicans would like to extend the Trump tax cuts, which will expire in 2024.

“You read about what happened in England recently. The last Prime Minister [Liz Truss], she wanted to cut taxes for the super wealthy. It caused economic chaos in the country, ” said Biden. “Well, that’s what they did last time and they want to do it again. And they want to make that tax cut permanent—that $2 trillion.”

Biden repeated many of the exact quotes from his speech at a political reception with Congressman Cartwright. He touted his administration’s accomplishments, the threat of Republican economic policies, and the contrast between his administration and his predecessor.

“Let’s look at the facts. Twenty months ago, COVID ruled our lives,” he said. He blamed the last administration for not providing the vaccines and did not pay for them so a million people died in America.” Today, by contrast, “COVID no longer controls our life, although it’s still important.”

What’s important to note here is that vaccines became available once President Biden entered the Oval Office. They were not available under Trump, so it is unclear here what Biden meant when he said that the Trump administration did not provide the vaccines.

Biden spoke about gas prices and how they continue to fall. “They’re down nationwide $1.35 and they’re still going down. Very soon, they’re going to be what they were before, before the invasion.”

“Cindy, the country needs you, and I’m not exaggerating. You’re one of the best persons in the entire United States Congress. Thank you for all you’ve done.”

In response to a comment by Axne about how he loves Corvettes, Biden said that he will be on Jay Leno’s show today, driving a Corvette at 118 miles per hour on a Secret Service-approved test track.

“I still love old cars,” said Biden.

Speaking about Biden, Axne called him “the most impactful president we’ve seen in this country’s history.”

She credited Biden with “showing empathy and care for this country and getting shots in arms, putting our kids back in schools and keeping money in people’s pockets so we can get back to an economy that works for this country.”

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