President Joe Biden participates in a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, Wednesday, September 20, 2023 at the InterContinental Barclay in New York City. (Photo by Cameron Smith)

President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talked on the phone on Monday regarding “tactical pauses” in Israel’s military campaign against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

According to the White House, the two leaders discussed the “possibility of tactical pauses to provide civilians with opportunities to safely depart from areas of ongoing fighting, to ensure assistance is reaching civilians in need, and to enable potential hostage releases.”

The President and Netanyahu reached an agreement to resume discussions in the upcoming days.

“You can expect that we’re going to continue to advocate for temporary and localized pauses in the fighting,” John Kirby told White House reporters on Monday. “We consider ourselves at the beginning of this conversation, not at the end of it.”

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