Beto responds to ‘Symposium at the Wall’ in Sunland Park, Texas, featuring Donald Trump Jr. and Steve Bannon.

In response to Donald Trump Jr’s speech at the ‘Symposium at the Wall’ and the hateful nature of the gathering itself, presidential candidate, Beto O’ Rourke said: “a giant wall along our southern border will not make us more secure. Just as caging children and refugees and asylum seekers will never make us great”. By condemning the tone and purpose of the event, he called out Trump as being the root of the border crisis. “In the face of the most divisive and dangerous president this country has ever had, we must be clear about who is responsible for the crises we’re seeing on both sides of the border,” Beto said.

The fear tactics used by Trump admiration will promote more hate, taking America further away from being truly great again. O’Rourke reminded the public that Symposium at the Wall is about fear, not facts. The dangerous thing about this event is that it is essentially a vacuum, with everyone present promoting the same belief. 

What happened?

This Thursday, conservative activists, social media influencers, and politicians gathered in Sunland Park, Texas to attend the “Symposium At The Wall: Cartels, Trafficking, and Asylum” a three day event hosted by We Build The Wall, the private organization who funded construction of the barrier built in Sunland Park, NM.  The purpose of the event was to discuss the negative aspects of the border including, both human and drug trafficking, the role of Congress and the economic implications of immigration.

The lineup of speakers 

The guest speakers and panelists included former White House Chief Adviser Steve Bannon, Congressman Louis Gohmert of Texas, and conservative activist Candace Owens. Donald Trump Jr. commended the group We Build The Wall, for “building the wall faster than the federal government couldn’t”.  

During his speech, Donald Trump Jr. praised the organizers for taking direct action against the supposed threat at the border, doing what was needed to properly protect the border of Texas. His speech along with the majority of the other speakers followed a trend of blaming immigration and the left-wing for all of the bad things that were happening on the border.  It seems that the popular thing to do at the symposium was to point the finger of blame at the liberal media, while also praising the Trump administration for stepping up and taking definitive action against illegal immigrants.  

The theme of the weekend based off of the initial speakers is shaping up to be a unified front vilifying “fake news” and immigrants. This rhetoric effectively creates a further divide between the two parties, as well as continuing to cause hatred towards immigrants coming to the United States in search of a better life. 

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