Become the job candidate portraying excellence and diversity – a succeeding combination in today’s business world.

Jobs in modern day economy are naturally attracted to job candidates who embody innovative spirit as well as the desire to excel. In every stage of the job searching process, you are constantly accompanied by your peers who are always attempting to gain that competitive edge over you. More so, the increased usage of technology and internet in the 21st century, should urge you to distinguish yourself from the crowd and leverage your skills and abilities in new ways, that is, before your competitor does. Here’s how:

Be unique. Be irreplaceable. Be yourself.

According to, every job of corporate nature lures in approximately 250 resumes. Although luck and the appropriate professional connections are important in its own way, there is an underlying principle seamlessly guiding the decisions of managers and employers: they look for individuals posessing a vision for the future and responsibility for the present. That is, managers closely examine your job application in desperate search for an exceptional problem-solver who thrives on complexity.

Many job candidates ponder over what the perfect field of study is, only to realize that there is none. The importance is all placed on such things like a transferable skill set and whether or not you are acting in unison with these transferable skills to create a difference. You must remain steadfast while you adorn your overall character with authenticity and innovation by utilizing these transferable skills in the real-world. At the end of this process, what emerges is your ability  to solve problems and be a leader.

For instance, maybe you founded an environmental initiative to reduce littering or you established a community fundraiser to raise awareness for cancer. Such leadership experiences inspire trust in the sense that the person values the growth of their community far more than personal comfort and gain.

Academics are only one facet of your profile

Whatever field or career that you are seeking fulfillment in, the key is to pursue excellence in both, academics and leadership. Academics alone or leadership alone is insufficient, however a combination of the two will distinguish you from among the exponentially growing population of the business world, let alone the pool of applicants for a job.

Excellence in academics is most commonly understood by people as a 4.0 GPA or having the maximum marks attainable, so it is quite standard in this sense. Excellence in leadership is more so subjective and is generally known as the driving force causing impact – impact which may be in any size or shape depending on perception of what impact is.

But, the perspective with which you define leadership is not important so long as you are making some kind of impact, renovating your own society at large

Importance of a personal experience

Never assume that your employer underestimates the power of your personal experiences from which virtues like excellence, creativity, innovation are born.

When you sincerely put forth your true ideas and innovation in your community, societal impact is bound to occur; the magnitude of which is determined by your sincerity and perseverance in the face of difficult times.

When employers analyze your job applications for this societal ‘impact’, they are seeking originality and a natural will to execute ideas. These qualities tend to form the corporate culture of highly successful and established companies worldwide and it all begins with the successful job candidates accepted into the workplace. So you must craft your abilities and experiences such that you shine in the workplace.

In other words, diversity, excellence, creativity, innovation, leadership should serve as the light within you and should illuminate bright enough to guide your path as you strive to become a valuable contributor to the workplace, and then society. These virtues alongside being authentic and original, are what give birth to the greatest social impact on humanity. After all, you owe it to the workplace that feeds you and the society that has potential for greatness deriving from your actions.

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Basit Ali

Basit Ali is a student at the Rotman School of Management in Toronto. Over the years, he has developed an exceptional interest in current business issues occurring on a global scale. As a commerce student,...

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