Dating apps launch new efforts to encourage vaccinations across America. 

On May 21, the White House announced that the biggest dating apps are set to help president Biden reach his vaccination goal of 70% by July 4. 

Dating sites such as Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, Match, Plenty of Fish, Badoo will now include new features that make it easier to date individuals who have received their vaccine. 

Dating apps will offer a variety of features such as:

— Badges showing vaccination status

— Access to free premium content like boosts, super likes, and super swipes for vaccinated people 

— In-app promotions and links to or the text code for users 

— Filters so individuals can see individuals who have been vaccinated 

Chispa vaccine

With this new addition, hopefully,  people will be able to see why getting vaccinated is making them more attractive on a dating scene. 

According to research from OkCupid, people who are vaccinated or plan to get vaccinated receive 14% more Matches than those who don’t. Many of the new features of dating apps will encourage members to get vaccinated. 

—Tinder: Members will be able to add stickers to their profile that states the words “I’m Vaccinated” or “Vaccines Save Lives.” Users that are vaccinated will also have access to free premium content like a “Super Like” to help them stand out among potential matches that are also vaccinated as well. 

—OkCupid: Daters will be able to add an “I’m Vaccinated” profile badge and be featured within OkCupid’s “Vaccinated Stacks”:  a new matching system that lets users search by vaccination status. The new activity will begin on May 24 and will be open to all vaccinated individuals.  

—Bumble and Badoo: U.S. daters will now have the ability to add a vaccinated badge to their profiles. Members will also have access to premium content on the app to meet other vaccinated singles. 

—BLK:  vaccinated members will now be able to have a “Vaxified” profile badge for singles to show their support in ending the COVID-19 pandemic. By doing this, black singles will have the ability to earn a free “boost” to help increase their chances at matching with a vaccinated single. This new feature will start on June 1.  

—Chispa: Vaccinated Latinx singles will now have the privilege of having a  “Vacunado” profile badge to show their support for ending the pandemic. Vaccinated individuals will also receive a free “boost” by participating in showing proof of their vaccination.  

—Hinge: vaccinated users can now share their vaccination status on their profile and give vaccinated users a premium content “Rose,” to help individuals get back out in the dating realm safely.  

—Match: vaccinated members will have the option to add a new “Vaccinated” badge to their profile to display their vaccine status, as well as receive a free “boost” to increase their chances of matching with the perfect single.  

—Plenty of Fish: vaccinated members will be able to add an “I Got My Shot” badge to their profiles in June. Those who participate will receive 20 free Live! credits to use on the Plenty of Fish Live! streaming feature.


In Washington, D.C., many business owners are providing incentives for the residents to receive their vaccine. This weekend in DC, for example, MayorBowserr will hold a Community Corps day of action for small businesses to promote getting vaccinated. By showing proof of your vaccination card, you can receive free food and coupons from many of the D.C. restaurants.   

State Of The Pandemic

As of today, more than 125 million Americans have received both doses of their vaccine. According to the White House response team, this includes more than 60% of the adult population. 

In addition, there has been a decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases as well. As of today, cases have dropped more than 19% since the previous seven-day average. Now, we are averaging at about 30,000 cases per day. 

On another positive note, hospitals are seeing a 15% decline in COVID-19 patients. This is an all-time low since 2020. Health care workers are seeing about 498 deaths per day due to COVD-19 still, but the numbers have dropped drastically since the vaccine has become readily available.

Vaccine efficacy rates

 What are the efficacy rates behind the COVID-19 vaccine?. When looking at the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine, Dr. Fauci confirmed a 94% efficacy rate. Speaking of the J&J vaccine he said the efficacy was 74% in the United States, and 93% after 14 days with the second dose of the vaccine in your system. 

This shows that the efficacy of the vaccine is increasing the longer that you have had the vaccine. Antibodies are able to build up in the body, and individuals are able to fight off the virus more effectively. 

 By getting your vaccine, you can join the other 125 million Americans who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Hannah Walker is a health reporter at The Pavlovic Today.

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