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Attorney General Barr is at the White House after his interview with the Associated Press about voter fraud has been broadcasted. 

Attorney General Barr was seen entering the White House moments ago. The visit is happening immediately after his interview with The Associated Press where he said that no evidence uncovered of widespread voter fraud that would change the outcome of the Election 2020.

Rudy Giuliani, attorney for President Trump, and Jenna Ellis, Trump Campaign Senior Legal Adviser and Attorney for President Trump issued the following statement about AG Barr’s comments to The Associated Press.

Guliani and Jenna Ellis: With all due respect to the Attorney General, there hasn’t been any semblance of a Department of Justice investigation. We have gathered ample evidence of illegal voting in at least six states, which they have not examined. We have many witnesses swearing under oath they saw crimes being committed in connection with voter fraud. As far as we know, not a single one has been interviewed by the DOJ. The Justice Department also hasn’t audited any voting machines or used their subpoena powers to determine the truth. Nonetheless, we will continue our pursuit of the truth through the judicial system and state legislatures, and continue toward the Constitution’s mandate and ensuring that every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote is not. Again, with the greatest respect to the Attorney General, his opinion appears to be without any knowledge or investigation of the substantial irregularities and evidence of systemic fraud.

According to the sources familiar with the meeting, Attorney General Barr is talking to Mark Meadows, President’s Chief of Staff on a matter that has been on the agenda prior to the AP interview. 

Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec confirmed that AG Barr is at the White House,” for a previously scheduled meeting.”

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