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At UNGA, president Trump will deliver a speech on religious tolerance and will hold a series of bilateral meetings, most notably with President Zelensky of Ukraine. 

President Trump will spend the week at the United Nations headquarters in New York, delivering a speech on religious tolerance and conducting a series of bilateral meetings with world leaders, most notably with president Zelensky of Ukraine. The leaders will discuss security issues.

The week of September 23 to the 27th is the UN’s Summits Week. The week will feature meetings between world leaders and summits for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN’s Climate Action plan. The latter, the Climate Action Summit will feed into the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). President Trump will not attend the Climate Action Summit. A senior administration official stated that the President’s focus will be on his religious freedom event, and his meetings, focusing on national security with national leaders.

Bilateral Meetings

These bilateral meetings will begin with Prime Minister Morrison of Australia, and will include meetings Prime Minister Modi of India, Prime Minister Khan of Pakistan, President Morales of Guatemala and President Zelensky of Ukraine. 

With President Zelensky, President Trump is expected to discuss the security concerns posed by the forces occupying Crimea. Further, the American president will discuss concerns of excess Chinese investment in Ukraine. China has invested more in the country than Russia has this decade, largely in energy and infrastructure sectors.

Trump’s religious freedom speech will highlight issues with religious freedom abroad and highlight the United States strength on the issue. The Trump administration has taken steps to legally secure places of worship against attacks. Attacks against religious institutions, according to the senior administration official, have increased over the past several years and the administration is therefore committed to affirming their commitment to the protection of religious freedom abroad. 

In addition to these main events, Trump will take this UN Summit Week to reaffirm the United States place as a world leader and reaffirm democracy as an alternative to authoritarianism, a senior administration official stated. 

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