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During the Cabinet meeting in Washington D.C. Trump discussed “crucial domestic policy issues,” including tax cuts and the border between the US and Mexico.

President Trump said Monday before a Cabinet meeting that his administration will “give the American people a huge tax cut for Christmas.”

Calling his administration’s tax overhaul a “great big, beautiful Christmas present,” Trump stated that it “will bring urgent to relief to hardworking families.”

But despite Trump’s claims, it seems that the biggest winners from the proposed tax overhaul will be the shareholder class – those like Trump and others in his administration who are pushing the legislation.Roughly 75% of the $1.5 trillion in net tax cuts that Trump and his administration are proposing would be geared towards businesses, giving those who own stocks in privately held companies the biggest advantage.

Tax cuts

Trump and other Republican leaders in Congress claim that corporate tax cuts would benefit the entire economy, but many seem skeptical of these assertions.

The President promised that if his tax proposals pass through the Senate, despite spiteful Democrats who reject tax cuts for “purely political reasons,” he and his administration “will come up with a bill that will be spectacular for growth and spectacular for the people of this country.”

Also before the Cabinet meeting, the President wished Americans a Happy Thanksgiving, and especially to the “brave men and women serving in our military, and our border patrol and ICE agents along the very dangerous southern border.”

The border with Mexico

On Sunday, a Border Patrol agent was killed and another was injured in southern Texas near Van Horn, 48 kilometers from the border with Mexico, according to US Customs and Border Protection. Trump has used the opportunity, of course in a tweet first, to renew his promise for a wall between the US and its southern neighbor.

“We lost a border patrol officer yesterday, and another one was brutally beaten and badly, badly hurt,” President Trump told reporters before his meeting. According to Trump, America’s southern border is “rough territory” and where “massive drug flow [is] pouring in.”

Claiming that the numbers of illegal immigrants coming into the US have already been reduced since the start of his term, “78 percent down from what they were,” Trump said that those numbers “will get better and better.”

Yeji-Jesse Lee

Yeji is covering the White House.

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