AstraZeneca vaccine is 78.9% effective in preventing symptomatic infection of COVID-19 and 100% effective in stopping hospitalizations and death. 

A U.S. study proved the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine to be 78.9% effective and found no increase in the risk of blood clots. The successful and hopeful conclusion of the U.S study paves the way for a likely FDA emergency-use authorization. 

Earlier this month, the vaccine was under controversy as claims that the shot increased blood clots started to circulate in Europe. The European Medicine Agency (EMA) held an emergency investigation into the claims and last Thursday announced that the vaccine did not increase the risk of blood clots. 

Health experts in the U.S are hoping that yet another study with positive results will improve the public’s perception of the vaccine, both in the U.S and abroad. 

“The fact that [a] United States-run study has confirmed the efficacy and the safety of this vaccine, I think, is an important contribution to global health in general,” Dr. Anthonthy Fauci said during the COVID-19 press conference. 

Compared to other effective vaccines that require sub-zero temperatures, AstraZeneca’s vaccine can be stored, transported and handled at refrigerated temperatures for six months. If approved by the FDA, this will expand access to the vaccine as those without access to sub-zero equipment or transportation will still be able to receive, store and administer the vaccine. 

Sitting in storage in the U.S are 30 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine that are awaiting emergency approval from the FDA. Yet, in many countries where the vaccine is approved, there are fewer doses, leading many to question whether or not the U.S should distribute its supply to other countries. Last week, the U.S followed these predictions and announced plans to send millions of vaccine doses to Mexico and Canada. 

With millions of doses from multiple companies (AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and more in trials), the U.S will eventually reach a surplus of vaccine supply creating an optimal situation for foreign policy and relations. 

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