In 2005, the prestigious Manès gallery in Prague, dedicated a wide retrospective to the art of Cedric Lollia. The exhibition become a transcription of his life where characters emerged out of colorful backgrounds. The human comedy  often featured in his art, alludes to the sterile pantomime of a sardonic or pathetic glance.

Cedric Lollia
Thun 1794, Collection by Cedric Lollia

Cedric has exotic drawings  in  Galley Pierre Cardin in Paris dedicated to revealing an  intense sensuality in a neo-realistic form but exempt from any vulgarity.

In 2014, Lollia captivated the audience with an exhibition titled Apparitions at Galerie de Vos in Paris. In 2015, Lollia presented his first installation, Le Silence Absolu in tribute to Van Gogh and also exhibited pieces at Galerie Omnius in Arles. These days he is designing a collection for  Thun 1794, the biggest Czech porcelain producer.

Your lived  in  French Guiana, New York and San Francisco. What kind of journey that was and why have you decided to settle down in Paris?

Cedric Lollia: These  were journeys of discovery, different environments. Once I saw that the real adventure was inside of me, I came back home to Paris.

As someone who had an opportunity to live and experience different parts of the world, what do you find to be a  common lesson to life?

Cedric Lollia
Thun 1794, Collection by Cedric Lollia

— The particularity of all these places is that the problems seems to be the same everywhere, about education, feelings and humanity.It’s a richness to be able to be in different cultures, hear different languages, and learn each and every particularity they all shared.

What informs your art?

Cedric Lollia: The human comedy.

What does vulgarity mean for you? Where can be best observed? 

Cedric Lollia: It is ignorance. The best can be observed in and with people,

What are you hiding in your “Notebook”?

Cedric Lollia
“Notebok” ; Color drawings by Cedric Lollia
“Notebok” ; Color drawings by Cedric Lollia

Cedric Lollia: Drawings.

What color is the best color?

Cedric Lollia: Blue.

You have designed the collection for Thun 1794, the biggest Czech porcelain producer. What was the idea that was driving your concept?

Lollia: I was inspired by the plates designed by Chagall for his daughters wedding. As reference to the traditional “Onion Style”.

This week at the Pavlovic Today we are dedicating to feminism and the idea of an independent, irresistible and resilient woman. Is there any female in your family you consider inspirational? 

— My mother. It is the root of my family. She is the link between all of us. In art, that would be Helena Staub. With her force, she does not compromise her ideas.

What it feels like to be a man in this world?

— Very small. We feel like we are all. 

Is “Erotic Slave” man or a woman?

Cedric Lollia: None. I don’t like the word slave.

What it means to be a French?

Cedric Lollia:To be French it means to be  free. Freedom beyond all.

Any further notes on human comedy? 

Cedric Lollia: I am still observing it, as of today.

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