At a press conference Secretary Blinken held with NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg last week in DC, it was revealed that China is conducting increased surveillance activities in Europe.

On Monday, The Pavlovic Today asked Ned Price about the US-NATO assessment of China’s surveillance programs in the Western Balkans.

—Are there any spy balloons in the Western Balkans?

“So we did release some additional information last week, I recognize it was not enough information to satisfy the questions and curiosity of those of you in this room,” Ned Price referred to the breath of China’s spy balloons program around the world. “We did note, when it comes to this program, the extensive, almost global nature of it. Five continents, some 40 countries whose sovereignty has been violated by this particular PRC balloon program,” noted Price.

“For reasons that are probably self-evident, we are not naming the countries that have been subjected to this, but what we are doing is engaging directly with those countries to share with them what we know, to hear from them what they know, recognizing that this is a shared challenge,” revealed Price.

“Just as we do, with all of the challenges that the PRC poses to the rules-based order, we know that we’re always going to be in a stronger position, we’re always going to be in a more effective position to address those challenges when we’re working with our allies and partners.” conveyed Price. “It certainly includes our allies and partners in Europe. NATO, as an alliance, has recognized what it calls, I believe, the ‘systemic challenge’ that the PRC poses to the rules-based order. This is something on which we’ve seen a great deal of convergence between the United States, Europe, NATO, and countries worldwide.”

The United States, according to Ned Price, has an office that has been focused on and actively monitoring PRC activities.



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