“New York is back,” said a former White House Communications Director Anthony Scramucci on Monday morning at the opening session of the SALT Conference in New York City. Taking place in Javits Center as the first in-person event since the pandemic, SALT is a global forum hosting Who’s Who in finance, politics, media, and entrepreneurship.

To set the tone around the comeback of the Big Apple, Scaramucci first announced Eric Adams, the Democratic Nominee for NYC Mayor, recently endorsed by Mike Bloomberg. “I will be voting for him and am backing him financially,” Scaramucci revealed.

Dressed in a dark suit with a purple tie, Adams confidently approached the SALT podium, telling a personal story of him overcoming diabetes. He laid out his vision for NYC by saying that “New York will no longer be anti-business.”

Eric Adams/ John Roach (RBP)/SALT

Adams is offering a partnership between New York City and financial sector to employ New Yorkers and is making a promise that he will make the city safe again.

You can watch SALT line-up of speakers in the player below.

YouTube video

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