Anthony Scaramucci talks in the panel hosted by Vidak Radonjic and Beryl Investments in NYC

At Beryl Elites Annual Alternative Investment Conference hosted by Vidak Radonjic of the Beryl Consulting Group in New York City, Anthony Scaramucci talks about the peril Donald Trump poses to the American system. He predicts that Trump will end up like Nixon or Lyndon Johnson. 

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? Scaramucci: The press is not the enemy of the people. The first amendment teaches our children to speak and think freely. You can’t be the leader of the United States and call the press the enemy of the people.
? Scaramucci:  Trump keeps moving the goalposts. Look at what he did to Michael Cohen. Look at what he’s now doing to Mayor Giuliani. Rudy’s over the line now. Is there any coming back for Rudy Giuliani?
? Scaramucci: this is a level of lawlessness that I don’t think is going to be good for our system. I still maintain that Trump will not get removed by the Senate. He’ll leave the way Richard Nixon left. Or he’ll say that he’s not running for reelection the way Lyndon Johnson. I still believe that because of what I know.




Watch the video below: 


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