Andrea DiLeto Zola

My best advice to any young entrepreneur: if you have a dream go for it!

It takes a very special man to be married to a strong independent woman, says entrepreneur Andrea DiLieto Zola, CEO of MBD Beauty.

Makeup Artist and CEO of MBD Beauty, Andrea DiLieto Zola  founded her first, Connecticut based  bridal beauty company at age 22. Since then, she has worked alongside some of the most established industry professionals from New York Fashion Week to L.A. For the Pavlovic Today, Andrea DiLieto Zola offers her key to success and insists that the institution of marriage is not incompatible with feminism.

You have decided to become an entrepreneur at age 22 when you opened your first store. What made you take a leap of faith?

I decided to make a leap of faith when I was attending school at Albertus Magnus College. I made the decision to leave school and open my first store front instead of graduating. Opening my store was the best decision I have ever made.

Andrea DiLieto Zola
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What attracted you to bridal business?

I don’t think I was drawn to the the bridal business I think the bridal business chose me. I was asked to do makeup at a wedding the first year I opened my store. I have been servicing brides ever since.

You have recently had your own wedding, did you always dream of the white dress?

I have always imagined my own wedding and having a family. I do feel like working in the bridal industry gave me a good idea of what I wanted in the future. Working in the bridal industry absolutely gave me wedding fever!

Is the idea of becoming a bride incompatible with feminism?

I don’t think being a bride or a wife is incompatible with feminism. I believe it is possible to be a strong independent woman in and outside of a union. I do feel like it takes a very special man to be married to a strong independent woman.

Can women have it all?

Yes! Woman can have it all. In the year 2016 I absolutely think it is possible for a Woman to have a successful career and a family. It honestly depends on the person and what they want.

Organic Lipstick line Andrea has developed

What is the difference between Connecticut  bride and New York Bride?

A lot of our Connecticut clients are interested in a Nautical theme and our New York clients are interested in a much more Glamorous theme.

Did you meet any Bridezillas so far?

I have not met any Bridezillas (laughs). It takes a special kind of person to own a bridal business and understand different personality types. As a business owner I meet a lot of people and always look for the positive in each situation.

On what criteria did you select your partner for life?

I didn’t have a specific list of what I was looking for in a man. I let things happen naturally, like I did with my professional life. I feel like when you work to0 hard at anything it won’t be a good fit. I was in the right place at the right time and met the love of my life. So the best answer would be, LOVE.

What are the advantages of owning your own business?

A major advantage of owning a business is being able to travel for both clients and fun. When I opened my first store-front my goal was to work and travel.

You often talk about speaking things into existence, what do you mean by that?

I believe in letting things happen naturally and speaking things into existence. For example when I have my mind set on a goal I will use a positive mantra during meditation. Meditating has been a great form of relaxation and helping decide on future goals.

Andrea DiLieto Zola
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How do you deal with life challenges?

I deal with challenges by communicating. I sit and discuss challenges with my employees or even my husband. When I find something to be more of a personal challenge I will usually meditate or take part in activities that keep my thoughts flowing. I like to take spin classes or kayak.

On which criteria do you select your protegees?

I select my protégées on pure talent. It is easy to pick someone out of a crowd who has the natural ability to make someone look and feel beautiful.

Your advice to young entrepreneurs who are not sure whether they should launch their own companies or go and work for an established employer?

My best advice to any young entrepreneur: if you have a dream go for it! I would also tell any young person starting a company to make sure they do it correctly. Don’t barrow money if you don’t need to and have set goals.

What is the biggest delusion of success?

In my opinion the biggest delusion of success are materialistic items. I feel like I meet a lot of people, who have a lot of nice things but have no savings, no IRA, no retirement funds and no plan for the future. But, they look successful because they have a nice car or a nice purse. My best advice to any young entrepreneur or young person is to save the money you are making and invest it wisely.  Don’t let materialistic items confuse you with the meaning of success.

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