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Margaret Valenti writes on the “hot mic” video leaked by Project Veritas that depicts Amy Robach criticizing ABC for quashing the Epstein story she had information on three years before it went viral. 

Allegations that ABC news quashed the Jeffery Epstein story three years ago when Amy Robach had evidence from an interview with Virginia Guiffre gained media attention yesterday. The right-wing corruption exposure group, Project Veritas, received the “hot mic” recording from a source inside ABC. They published a “hot mic” recording, during which Robach releases frustration about having evidence and ABC deciding not to run the story three years prior. 

Another Coverup?

Now, Robach defends ABC since she claims, ultimately, they did not have enough evidence to corroborate Guiffre’s allegations and did not meet ABC’s “editorial standards.” She also claims during the “hot mic” recording — never meant to be seen by the public — that Buckingham Palace threatened ABC into not running the story “a million different ways.” 

The allegations are reminiscent of the Harvey Weinstein scandal which NBC allegedly covered up for decades possibly due to his knowledge of the allegations against Matt Lauer, some of which was ultimately uncovered by Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Ronan Farrow

NBC denies any cover-up. It is certainly not uncommon for large corporations, even ones that are supposed to pursue truth, to protect high profile individuals within their companies.

As Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer wrote on Twitter yesterday, as the story broke, “I think Amy Robach was honest when she made Jeffrey Epstein comment. It’s how the world of power operates, unfortunately. You can’t take them down until there’s a momentum sweeping in. It was the same with Harvey & #MeToo. There’s probably more dark stories we won’t hear [about] soon.”

What Was Lost And More To Come

Many right-wing groups again are taking to criticizing the media, which is often associated with democratic or “leftist politics,” and creating more stir around the suspicious circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death. It recently became known that Epstein’s death was perhaps not a suicide at all, but, in light of new evidence, it is suggested that it is possible that he was strangled in his cell. Considering the number of powerful people Epstein had connections to, on both sides of the U.S. political spectrum and abroad, it is hard to pinpoint exactly who had more to gain by killing Epstein, if it is the case that he was murdered or perhaps encouraged to kill himself. 

There is definitely still more that needs to come out of the “woodwork” if more of these powerful men are going to be held accountable for their crimes. Any men who are connected to Epstein deny any knowledge of his relations and business with underage girls, despite the women who came forward to accuse them. Among the accused so far are President Donald Trump, former President Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew, Duke of York. 

With more reporting, it is undeniable that more names will come to light and as a result, more people will be able to be held accountable. As of now, Ghislaine Maxwell, the woman closely connected to Epstein who allegedly groomed underage girls and recruited them for Epstein and his clients, is still unarrested. She probably has the most knowledge about how Epstein ran his business and probably committed various crimes herself.

As of now, it is unclear whether or not ABC intentionally killed the story or if Robach truly needed more material to go on as she now claims. If the story did air three years ago, who knows where reporters and the U.S. government would be now in terms of information and holding the people responsible accountable. What resulted from the story not being reported was wasted time and the fact that Epstein and his clients’ abuse was allowed to continue for three more years.

Margaret Valenti is the Editor of Generation Z Voice at The Pavlovic Today. 

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