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Flashing cameras and hawking secret service carefully monitor every step of the new first lady, Mrs. Melania Trump. Recently, the White House released the announcement of Mrs. Trump’s appointment of Anna Christina Niceta Lloyd as the new Social Secretary. This role is crucial to the planning of official events. Although, it took the new first lady a bit to start appointing her staff. Mrs. Trump has commented on FLOTUS advisor Stephanie Winston Wolkoff being “a nurturer and caretaker.”

A visit to a Japanese garden and the Morikami Museum

The new First lady has also had some recent activities with the Prime Minister of Japan’s wife, Akie Abe. These activities included a visit to a Japanese garden and the Morikami Museum. Mrs. Trump intends to continue the tradition of lush gardens at the White House, which was made quite apparent in her meeting with Akie Abe to discuss horticulture. This long-standing tradition was of particular importance to previous First Lady, Michelle Obama. In efforts to examine her new role, Mrs. Trump attempts to continue traditions that she sees as part of her new duties. Yet, as the new President welcomes his first 100 days in one of our nation’s most historic homes, his current wife sits atop her gilded penthouse back in Manhattan. This is the first time in the modern era where the First Lady and President have been visibly separated throughout the beginning of the term. With Mrs. Trump contributing her staying in Manhattan to Barron’s education, many previous children have moved for their parent’s jobs mid-year. In fact, Barron will be the youngest male child in the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr.

The reopening of the White House visitors office

On Valentine’s Day, the First Lady announced the reopening of the White House visitors office. In a follow-up, Mrs. Trump stated that she is “committed to the restoration and preservation of Our Nation’s most recognizable landmark.” These various press releases leave much confused: is she or isn’t she involved? With the striking symbol of the President walking in front of her on the morning of the inauguration, leaving the Obamas the responsibility of ushering the new first lady in her powder blue Ralph Lauren ensemble. This very powerful symbol lead many to become very skeptical of the Trump’s personal relationship, as well as with Mrs. Trump’s well-being.

Why should anyone #FreeMelania?

The social media campaign of #freemelania exploded on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram following the inauguration. So many began genuinely pitying the new first lady. This extreme juxtaposition between the Trump’s powerful relationship and Mrs. Trump’s apparent helplessness has left people above all confused. What is her role as the First lady? First Ladies have played such a tremendous and significant role in American political history, culture, and fashion over the past 300 years. Each one has established their own mark on American history. Jackie Kennedy with her impeccable fashion and class. Dolly Madison bravely rescuing the portrait of George Washington from a White House fire. Recently. Mrs. Obama leading her Let’s Move! The campaign to “raise a healthier generation of kids.” Americans are carefully watching Mrs. Trump see what her approach to the next four years will be. President Trump continues to lead one of the most active beginning in office, compared to any other president in history.  Issuing multiple executive orders on immigration and migration, the environment, the Affordable Care Act, and reducing economic regulations. The only other President who was nearly as active is President Roosevelt in 1933,  who spent his first 100 days enacting legislation and executive orders in attempts to fix the Great Depression.  President Trump may be viewed by some as a hypocrite, due to the fact that he criticized President Obama on enacting so many executive orders in his last day in office. As Mr. Trump’s presidency continues, many Americans continue to wait with bated breath for him to get the rest of Congress involved in some of his proposed legislation. Yet, The First Lady continues to use the importance and symbolism of her newfound position to just keep living her life in New York City. As summer months approach, she and Barron will make the trip down to Washington DC for the next school year. It is now up to Melania Trump to use her appointed position as First Lady in order to spark change and good amongst people. It is crucial that the symbolism and utter importance of the First Lady role continue to be correlated to power and change. Even though it has only been one month, the First Lady Melania Trump is just now beginning to make her appointments of her personal staff, it is evident that her role in the White House needs to be much bigger and more prevalent than it was on the campaign trail.

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