The White House says that hospitalizations and death rates are down, but not for the unvaccinated. Now, nearly all deaths and hospitalizations from COVID-19 are among the unvaccinated. 

Today, the Coronavirus Response Team announced that the shot has saved 100,000 American lives, and has prevented up to 450,000 hospitalizations. However, nearly all COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths are among the unvaccinated. Now, we are encouraged more than ever to roll up our sleeves and get the vaccine.  

To encourage more people to receive the vaccine, the Coronavirus Response Team reiterated that it will take going from community to community to see that everyone has the ability to receive the shot. They will partner with governors, mayors, doctors, and hospitals to find new and inventive ways to get communities vaccinated. 

The majority of communities that the Coronavirus Response Team will be focusing on are in the states of Alabama, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Georgia. Among these states are the lowest vaccination rates, and the goal will be to increase the vaccination rates among these communities. 

Three ways the Coronavirus Response Team will increase vaccination rates:

-Family doctors administering shots: 1000’s family doctors will now be administering shots to the public. Now, you will be able to make an appointment to receive your shot from your local physician. 

-Bringing shots to the workplace: the Coronavirus Response Team is working to bring the vaccine to where individuals need it the most: the workplace. By doing this, they hope to encourage employees to receive the shot with PTO time included. 

-Bringing more shots to states with COVID-19 surges: expert support will be provided with the help from the CDC to do outbreak investigations in states such as Missouri, Nevada, Illinois, and Montana to lower COVID-19 cases. More shots will be administered as well to increase immunity among these communities. 

According to Dr. Wollensky, we will need an increase in vaccination rates among these states to lower our COVID-19 case average. 

“Yesterday, CDC reported a little over 14,000 new cases of COVID-19. Our seven-day average is about 13,900 cases per day,” said Dr. Wollensky in a coronavirus briefing, “and this represents an increase in cases of nearly 11% from the prior seven-day average.”

Dr. Wollensky continued to say that many of these outbreaks occurred among the unvaccinated at large gatherings such as campgrounds and community events. Many of these outbreaks occurred with the new Delta variant that is spreading rapidly among communities. It is now the most prevalent variant with 50% sequenced samples across the country. For this reason, the virus will continue to hit the unvaccinated, and death rates will continue to increase without full vaccinations. 

The Coronavirus Response Team encourages individuals to get the information they need so that they can receive their shot. It is free and available to anyone over the age of 12. Now is the time to ask the questions you need so you can roll up your sleeve and get the vaccine. 

Hannah Walker

Hannah Walker is a health reporter at The Pavlovic Today.

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