In a groundbreaking move, Air Serbia has signed a contract with Airbus and Navblue for the procurement of two advanced software solutions aimed at curbing fuel consumption and reducing carbon dioxide emissions within their aircraft fleet.

The historic agreement was inked in Istanbul at the Annual General Meeting of the International Air Transport Association (AGM IATA), which is scheduled to run from June 4th to June 6th, 2023. Air Serbia’s adoption of these Airbus technologies marks a significant milestone, making it the world’s first airline to utilize these innovative solutions.

Air Serbia’s CEO, Jiri Marek, expressed his enthusiasm for this milestone achievement, stating, “For years, Air Serbia has been initiating various initiatives to reduce carbon emissions. We are extremely pleased to have reached an agreement with Airbus, a global leader in this field, for the acquisition of two modern software solutions that will greatly assist us in reducing carbon emissions and business costs at the most important aviation industry event of this year here in Istanbul.”

The two software solutions in question, Descent Profile Optimizer (DPO) and IDLE Factor Optimizer (IFO), were jointly developed by Airbus and Navblue. These programs are designed to work seamlessly together with the shared goal of minimizing fuel consumption in aircraft, which in turn will lead to a substantial reduction in carbon emissions.

This innovative approach aligns with the global push to combat climate change and promotes sustainability within the aviation industry.


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