John McCain

At 6:53 pm, the press pool was ushered into the State Dining Room where POTUS and First Lady are hosting a dinner celebrating Evangelical leadership. 

POTUS addressed Sen. John McCain in the first few minutes of his remarks to evangelical leaders among who included Franklin Graham.
“Also and prayers are going  to the family of Sen. John McCain,” POTUS said.
POTUS Said there will be a lot of activity over the next several days honoring the Senator.
“We very much appreciate everything that Sen. McCain has done for our country.”
He described the group as “very special friends of mine.”   He said the group was united by the belief in “dignity of life, the glory of God and the power of prayer.”
During his speech, POTUS went through a list of accomplishments, including repeating earlier remarks from the day on the high stock market.
“We’re being respected all over the world,” he said.
He talked about protecting life, and positive unemployment rates for the country including for African american and youth unemployment rates.
POTUS got one of largest applauses when he talked about American hostages and te work being done to try and bring back NC pastor Andrew Brunson.  Another big applause came when he mentioned moving the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.
Notable attendees included Mike Pence , Alex Azar, Ben Carson, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner attended.
Trump also gave condolences to the victims of the shooting in Jacksonville, Florida.
“How it happens nobody really knows, but they’re doing an incredible job down in Jacksonville as they always do in Florida.”

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