Did you ever have an experience where you have did your best but the outcome was not what you expected? Here is how you can make your setback a comeback.

Your proposal didn’t go through. You failed your SAT’s. You didn’t get your dream job or was let go from a job. That relationship you thought will end in marriage failed. You will experience setbacks in your life. What matters most is how you deal with setbacks. The following tips will help you make your setback a comeback

1. Throw a Pity Party for your setback

Whatever circumstance that you are in, know that setbacks are a part of a life. You can hold a pity – party. For a day. Watch some Netflix videos. Cry. I admit I used to watch Keeping up With the Kardashians and eat fried chicken when I was having a bad day. I no longer do that.

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2. Be Positive

After your pity party, try to evaluate the setback, and be positive that you will come back from this circumstance stronger and wiser! This too shall pass. State positive words and avoid negative words. Try to avoid listening to depressing music, shows and other things that may “trigger” you.

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3. Goal – Setting

You can have large – scale goals. However, set smaller, incremental goals in order to reach the larger ones. Setting smaller goals can help you not feel overwhelmed when looking at the bigger picture. Keeping a planner, calendar, and apps on your computer/ phone will help you be accountable.

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4. Exercise

Stress in my experience is inevitable. Especially during discouraging moments. Exercising helps you become physically and mentally stronger. Feeling strong will help you feel confident that you will be able to handle whatever the world throws at you.

5. Pray

Praying can help you get strength when you are powerless. Prayer helps you meet God for times that are beyond your control. In difficult times, I have been given strength when I was beyond my capacity to face the trials head on.

6. Surround yourself with Strong Individuals

It’s important to be around people who are strong – willed. Those, who can call you out on your mistakes, but also provide their wisdom for whatever season of life you are in? Their knowledge can be invaluable in making a setback a comeback.

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7. Ignore the Naysayers

If you have a large goal and dream there will always be people who project their fears on you. Those who were too chicken to follow their dreams. Nothing is impossible. This coincides with the last point, but you can’t surround yourself with people who are comfortable with mediocrity.

8. Take it One Day at a Time

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither will your dream happen overnight. Don’t compare yourself to others’ journeys. Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t achieved what you wanted yet. Try to see how far you’ve come. If you put consistent work and are diligent, the rewards will come in time. Slow down a bit and take a walk. Enjoy nature. It’s hard to enjoy the simplicity of things in the fast – paced world that we live in.

Is there anything that I missed? Share !

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Habiba Abudu

Habiba is a writer and photographer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She writes on a variety of topics including, relationships, lifestyle and world affairs.

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