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What does it take to embrace digital happiness? The Digital Wellness Institute shares insight on how proper use of technology could be the key to a happier life. 

Could altering the way we use technology be the solution to a happier life? Science has always proven that overusing technology could be a downfall for many teens and young adults, but research is now showing that the digital world could benefit us if it is used properly.  

During the past two years, the Digital Wellness Institute has partnered with researchers to analyze the perfect work-life balance that could boost your mood and decrease your stress. 

Here are the 8 useful tips: 

1. Productivity: turn off outside distractions so you can focus on finishing your tasks at hand.

2. Environment: have an organized space away from any chaos that will get in your way.

3. Communication: allow members of your inner circle to know your downtime and work time.

4. Relationships: block and unfollow any people that are taking away happiness in your life.

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5. Mental health: in the morning, journal how long you plan on using technology that day to eliminate any unnecessary instability. 

6. Physical health: try standing up or stretching after sitting at your computer for too long. 

7. Quantified self: try using smartwatches or a Fitbit to help track your blood pressure, heart rate, and calorie intake.

8. Digital citizenship: make sure to only leak information online that you are comfortable with everyone seeing. 

By using these tips, individuals can now have a happier work-life balance amidst the pandemic. Now, you can boost your mood by improving the quality of media that you see everyday. It’s time to embrace digital happiness. 

Hannah Walker

Hannah Walker is a health reporter at The Pavlovic Today.

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