Do you want to create better relationships? These 6 steps will help you create and maintain meaningful relationships this summer.  

1. Be Friendly

To initiate friendships, present yourself as open. Smile and kindly introduce yourself to new people. Practice a mini introduction and a couple of ice – breakers beforehand to remove nervousness. Show poise, elegance and eye – contact when communicating with new people. Don’t let the fear of rejection hold you back from stepping out and connecting with people. Be approachable. If the person you initiate conversation with rejects you, smile and move on to the next person.

2. Be Intentional About Meeting Friends

Make a conscious effort to reach out to your friend. Don’t wait for your friend to reach out to you before you hang out.  You can make monthly Skype dates, send a quick text or even a letter. With applications such as Whatsapp – it’s easy to connect with friends who are thousands of miles away.  Don’t let one person bear the burden of holding the relationship.

3. Communicate

If there is an issue,  be quick to bring it up. Be respectful when addressing the issue with your friend. It’s important not to wait a long time to resolve an issue. Also be humble enough to apologize when you make a mistake. A friendship is more important than a bruised ego.

4. Be a Good Listener

Ask meaningful questions to your friend. Remember information that your friends shared with you, and reiterate it in future conversations. Your friends will feel touched that you remember small details. If you are unsure about a statement that your friend said, ask for clarification. People like to talk about themselves, so potential topics to ask about include: hobbies, interests, goals, family, favorite tv shows, and careers. Read their body language. If you can tell that something is wrong, don’t hesitate to ask them. Try to show understanding and empathy as you listen to your friend confide in you.  Once a friend sees that you are interested they will not hesitate with opening up.

5. Support their Endeavours

Encourage your friends’ goals and dreams. You can share a post that promotes your friend’s company. Send a text after your friend had an interview or exam. Attend their opening show. Try not to doze off when your friends share their aspirations, but ask further questions to show interest. When your friends experience failure, rally them on, and encourage them to try again.

6. Be Aware of the Season of Life that Your Friend is In

After university or when you move and change work, you will talk to some friends on a less frequent basis. This could be for a variety of reasons. For example, friends will move to different cities/countries for a new job. Friends will also become engaged, get married and have kids. All of these changes will limit your friends’ time as their priorities will change.  Don’t let a controlling or jealous spirit diminish a long – standing friendship. Be vigilant of the season of life that your friend is in and provide support.

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Habiba is a writer and photographer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She writes on a variety of topics including, relationships, lifestyle and world affairs.

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