Learning how to regularly self-reflect allows you to regulate emotions and remain positive in times of conflict. These five tips you can use to stay in-tune with your mind.

1. Meditate. Kristina Kantar explains how meditation lessens anxiety, stress, and impulsivity which in turn improves your problem solving and decision making. Even if you meditate for 15 minutes a day, you will notice increased focus and esteem.

2. Keep a Dream Journal. Oftentimes, your dreams reveal hidden anxieties and desires. Record your dreams onto paper and identity emotions you experience asleep and awake. If you have a reoccurring dream, this may be a sign you need to address a particular thought or insecurity. Freud was the first psychologist to suggest that dreams have a direct correlation to the unconscious mind. Your unique personal experience affects the meaning of your dreams, but dream dictionary’s can identify patterns of thought and help pinpoint the cause of the mental picture.

3. Start a blog. You don’t need to excel at writing or publicize your platform on social media in order to self-reflect. Recording your thoughts on a regular basis will help you stay in touch with your mood and desires. Journaling leads to surprising benefits such as increased creativity, higher IQ, and strengthening your discipline skills.

4. Talk to a professional. Even if you are not going through a crisis, or your problems seem trivial in comparison to others, a therapist will teach you to express your inner thoughts and connect with your emotions.

5. Educate yourself. There are thousands of books and websites dedicated to philosophy and mindfulness that you can use to self-reflect. Explore the philosophy section in your library or take an online psychology course. Authors and instructors hold an extensive background studying the human brain, providing unexpected insight. Wherever You Go There You Are explains the practice of meditation and importance of mindfulness. Full Catastrophe Living teaches the importance of using your mind to face stress and pain.

Adrienne Gagne attains happiness by continuously exploring uncharted territory. Her ultimate goal is to encourage new directions of thinking, not to sway others’ opinions to strictly align with her own....

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