A large number of journalists from around the world attended the Opening Evening at the International Media Centre Photo: Bundesregierung/Güngör

Last night, Hamburg’s First Mayor Olaf Scholz and deputy government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer opened the International Media Centre to welcome 4,800 journalists from 65 countries who will be reporting on G20

Today kicks off the G20, one of the major political events of this year. The meeting of the world leaders is gaining the media attention of 4,800 journalists from 65 countries. According to the data presented by the press office of G20, the majority of media representatives come from Germany, followed by Japan, the USA, China, Russia and the United Kingdom.

The White House Press Pool is travelling with the President of United States and is covering minute to minute movement of the POTUS.

Addressing the journalists Ulrike Demmer said that she was delighted to have the opportunity to welcome the press at the International Media Centre. “Over the last few months the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government has worked flat out to ensure that the journalists in Hamburg enjoy the best possible working conditions as they report on the summit,” she said.

Media Center
The International Media Centre provides a professional working environment for journalists Photo: Bundesregierung/Scholz

Hamburg’s First Mayor Olaf Scholz stressed the fact that the city looks back on a long tradition of international relations. In the 1970s, the then Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, who “embodied the true virtues of the Hanseatic world view” played an instrumental role in establishing the G6/G7. Even then, Helmut Schmidt recognised the need for major nations to cooperate, in order to make the world a bit better.

In order to assure the transparency of G20, the International Media Centre is spread across four halls on the Hamburg exhibition grounds with over 1000 workstations for the Fourth Estate.

G2o is also making sure that the wellbeing of the press who will be working around the clock is secured.

The culinary needs of all these journalists from across the world have not been forgotten. According to the press office, forty-five chefs are at the disposal of the press corps and will be cooking sustainably produced and healthy meals, from dishes typical for the northern region of Germany to international cuisine.

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