Recommendations for what to watch for the rest of quarantine, streaming on Hulu and Netflix.

1. For those who like history but find period pieces boring…. The Great on Hulu


The Great follows a young Catherine (the Great), the longest-ruling empress of Russia, in the early stages of her marriage to Emperor Peter. As any history buff may know, they famously did not get along, and Catherine plotted to overthrow her husband. This TV show is funny and raunchy. Each episode is long enough to keep you satisfied but still wanting more, perfect for binge-watching. For those faint-hearted, beware, there are many severed heads and gruesome deaths. 

2. For those who are lonely and want to torment themselves… Normal People on Hulu


Normal People is a show that is normal in everything but the way in which it affects viewers. This series is an adaptation of the best-selling book by Sally Rooney (and much better, I believe!) that ignited a blaze last summer and left a trail of broken hearts. That was the book; the TV series is ten-fold in its capacity to ruin lives. Follow Marianne and Connell as they weave in and out of each other’s lives through high school and college. This is a story of first love and hurt. 

3. For those who are missing moments of high school debauchery… Sex Education on Netflix


This show is a two-for-one deal; prepare to laugh at the most insane story and dialogue whilst getting educated on sexual intercourse and intimacy. The show follows Otis, an insecure teenager who unwillingly becomes his high school’s sex and intimacy therapist, as he deals with the ups-and-downs of adolescence. Full of references to popular 80s high school movies and a killer soundtrack, Sex Education can do no wrong. 

Candy Chan is studying History with a focus on War and Revolution at Barnard College. She is currently a staff writer at the Columbia Daily Spectator, covering issues pertaining to Columbia's...

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