Whether you’re in a country town, suburban strip mall, or urban oasis find your fashion hot spot.

Whether you decide to splurge or simply keep it small, make sure you find fashion while you are travelling.

Fashion places memories into the fabric of our lives, these are the memories that cover us. Maximize your travel, and satisfy your inner explorer pursuing sartorial gems.

1. Take cues from family and friends


Travel is a great way to visit with friends we rarely see for lunch or coffee. I enjoy using fashion to touch base with my friends and family who are similarly inclined. The best part is, these established relationships have an idea of your fashion sense. Or, they may send you in a direction in which their own tastes are fulfilled.

In any event, this is a sure way not only to remember what you find, but who sent you. And then, how much more dear does the purchase become? During my present trip, mother-in-law sent me to a consignment shop where I found a mustard suede top and a technicolor knit shawl with arms.

2. Take a walk by yourself

Introspective revelations while walking lead to mindful interactions with textiles. Taking time to walk around town, and wander in and out unpressured is the key. Walk long enough that you begin to feel relaxed in your muscles and bones. Don’t question your direction, and don’t mind who’s watching. Smile at people, find a tree. Wander into streets and neighborhoods. Take your time respectfully, and linger wherever. Dismiss agenda, barring the spirit of your dérive.

Copyright: Natalia Hubbert
Copyright: Natalia Hubbert

3. The local Shopkeep is always hip

The local shopkeep is a wealth of knowledge that far eclipses Yelp. Engage with them, not because you’re after anything, but, because there is a great chance of their being expert in the area.  There is just as good, or even better a chance that you might have a wonderful conversation.

Whether you’re in a country town, suburban strip mall, or urban oasis find your fashion hot spot.

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