When the struggle gets real, here are 4 strategies for persevering through uncertainty.Be true to what you need and take time to sort it out.

When the struggle gets real, here are 3 strategies for persevering through uncertainty

At times, I struggle between regrouping, and relentlessly “walking it off.” If I’ve  been burned by an opportunity, I try my best to reign myself . Whether or not you welcome failure, here are 3 strategies for overcoming the fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.

1. be true to what you need and take time to sort it out.

In 2005, Dave Chappelle, stand-up comedian, screenwriter, producer, and actor walked away from a 50 million dollar contract. Chapelle rode the rise of the meme wave so hard, he found himself perpetuating many of the racial myths he was trying to dispel through his comedy. This is the double edged sword for many of us working in social justice: success and recognition as failure. Chapelle went to Africa to spend time with his family, a different kind of investment. While, I’m not a multimillionaire with the means to refuse a hefty contract, I have taken Chapelle’s actions as an example.

Sometimes, it’s okay to let people wonder while you’ve “switched your style up.” You’ll shine by example and get back in the game. Chill.

2. Be Honest : You Get What You Give

In an exclusive interview on Anna Wintour for the Original, she mentions what she believes is one of the greatest keys to success, referencing Hillary Clinton, “She has the ability to evolve with the times while remaining true to what she believes.” These words of wisdom are encouragement for creative women everywhere to keep striving towards their true selves.

When unexpected shifts in pride and power rattle us, honesty works in the service of our own vulnerability. Honest communication conquers and yields genuine responses from our peers. Remember, you get what you give.

3. Reign Yourself, Honor Self-Care

Strike the nail aright, boys,

Hit it on the head.

Strike with all your might boys,

When the iron is red.

When there’s work to do boys,

Do it with a will.

Those who reach the top boys,

First must climb the hill

Growing up in a Guyanese household, this poem was a rhythmic reminder to pursue a focused, constructive academic career. Despite my rote memorization of Fassett, my perspective skews towards honoring self care.

Micah Morgan is an artist, writer, and educator living in San Francisco. Over twenty years of dance, and a passion for wellness led her to start JoyBox, a non-profit that uses movement and rhythm to foster...

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