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Many successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, are widely regarded as being perfect, but very often it was a failure that led them to accomplishments.

Steve Jobs had a vision for excellence and for this reason, he completely transformed our lives with his tech company, Apple. However, his journey to fame was far from smooth, and much can be learned from the experiences that defined this exceptional individual.

Bringing change in society is in the hands of those people who envision success and stop at nothing to get it.

1. Perfection is within nobody

If you believe that the success of Steve Jobs is largely attributed to him being perfect, you are mistaken.  The creation of Apple took place not too long after Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College and decided to join hands with a friend and embark upon this new venture. Despite Jobs’s failure to remain on the conventional pathway to success, he found success in entrepreneurship when Apple Computer was born in 1976.

Many successful entrepreneurs are widely regarded as being perfect, but people don’t realize that their success is based on all the imperfections and failures that led them to accomplish the great things they did.

In fact, it is impossible for humans to achieve utter perfection, but it is possible to pursue it wholeheartedly and get as close to perfection as possible. Therefore, strive to be the best you possibly can be and don’t worry when failure enters your life.

2. Your past does not define you

Often times, those who have created the best futures for themselves have had an ordinary past or no special past at all. When Steve Jobs was born, his parents disowned him and he was adopted by a couple shortly after.

As Jobs slowly ventured into boyhood, his non-biological father played a major role in developing his interest in electronics and technology. When Jobs was enrolled in elementary school, he was quite the mischievous child who was brilliant but reluctant to pay attention in classes.

Despite these life experiences of Steve Jobs, he still rose to prominence as a top leading executive of Apple.

This goes to show that your past is irrelevant and does not play a major role in determining your future as much as your vision and willpower do.

Whether you are middle-class or rich, you have the potential for greatness. Therefore, quit using your past as an excuse to hinder yourself from succeeding.

3. Determination is key to succeeding

Soon after Apple took off, the interests of Steve Jobs and the company’s board began to diverge. As a result, this ended with Jobs being fired from Apple. Even though Jobs was faced with a crisis where he was removed from his very own company, he did not let this deter him. He went on to starting his own enterprise by the name of NeXT Inc, as well as buying another company.

Therefore, you must also learn to keep going even when your circumstances dictate that it is best to give up.

In essence, you must realize that imperfections in a person are only natural, one’s past doesn’t define them, and that determination is necessary to be successful. These realizations will prepare you to be a leader of society, like Steve Jobs.

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