Fitness expert, Denise Austin has some great advice for all of you who aspire to have a healthy lifestyle. 

 1. Don’t stop

In simpler words, start your own exercise routine and work your way up. You can start by squeezing in 10 minutes of exercise at home every day. There are millions of videos on YouTube that can help you get started. BeFit channel has workouts by Denise and other famous fitness gurus. Don’t be afraid if it’s hard at first and if you start feeling you’re not good enough. Everyone starts somewhere and we build our way up. Slowly increase the time spent on exercising and the difficulty of the routines. Make sure you remain consistent in how much you work out. Denise Austin only spends 30 minutes a day exercising but she does it every single day. Consistency is important.

2. Do it for the right reasons

Denise Austin says she’s motivated because she loves what she does and helping people keeps her going. That’s why she exercises and helps other people. Find your own reason to exercise and get fit, whether it is to become healthier or to relieve stress. People often decide to get fit for the wrong reasons, like societal pressures of losing weight. Do it for you, because you want to and because it makes you feel better! It’s all about YOU.

3. Eat well, almost always

Denise Austin eats well 80% of the time. Eating well means she consumes a balanced diet that’s nutrient dense. She cuts down on unnecessary carbs and fats. Rather than starving herself, she eats wholesome foods. 20% of the time, she has what we call “cheat” meals. That’s when she dives into her favorite desserts and Mexican food. The bottom line is that you don’t need to starve yourself to accomplish any fitness goals. Eating a balanced diet will not only help you become healthier; it will also allow you to be more productive in your other day-to-day tasks. And with this 80-20 balance, you won’t even miss your favorite desserts too much!    

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