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Interviews and first impressions, whether it be in the job market or personal life, play a pivotal role in determining others’ perception of you.

Often, a face-to-face confrontation or an initial interaction with someone is sufficient for them to form judgments, even if it might not be in your favor. Although it is beyond any human’s capacity to achieve utter perfection, you can at the bare minimum, attempt to replicate ideal characteristics and skills to enhance your value to others.

However, being able to deliver an excellent first impression is not everyone’s cup of tea, and is often mistaken for a product of luck – it is instead a product of determination and exemplary effort, that you too can accomplish.

Impressing others is a complex task, requiring the greatest commitment from within you and if executed correctly, will nudge others to act in your favour.

Act with a mature attitude

In our day and age, talent is attracted from numerous countries across the globe, demonstrating that fierce competition exists for anything of value in this world. As a result, leaving an excellent first impression is as much important, if not more than the knowledge and brilliance that you bring to the table. Thus, there is absolutely no room for immature individuals.

In your interactions with people, maturity is the quality that individuals search for within you. Upon encountering you for the first time, they observe whether you have the potential to make sensible decisions. Wherever you go, others are seeking this maturity from you and this forms the bulk of your first impression that you leave on them.

Dress appropriately

A first impression is highly sensitive to an appearance in our era where the media has created norms for what is regarded as good and what bad. People tend to judge a man’s sexual preference in 50 milliseconds! If people are so quick to judge based on a mere appearance, it is only reasonable to assume the extent to which they will use the first-impression to form the basis of their decisions as they relate to you.

Good first impressions will be made by you once you realize the massive importance of it, especially in our era where people are more judgemental than ever.

Display confidence while you express yourself

When you meet someone for the first time, you should be acting in such a manner where it appears that you are comfortable with yourself and are bold. Without confidence, there would be very little incentive for someone to be intrigued by you.

First-impressions put forth your identity as perceived by other and this will either make or break you. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that you develop your character such that others are pleased with it in the very first interaction. In the end, excellent first impressions distinguish you from others and are followed by victories.

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