Some things I have learned that will save you from a year of disappointment.

  1. You can’t fix someone’s moral compass
  2. The same mistakes will be repeated
  3. Those who you can’t trust, you can’t trust. A benefit of the doubt can only get you so far. Trust ends with the failure of the second chance.
  4. There is no such thing as a “little bit of God”. It’s either all in or all out. God is one, which means that he is whole and all-encompassing. That’s the definition of salvation, in my view, as you can’t only partially be out of the darkness, or just a few steps into the light. There is a very clear difference in basic feeling when you wake up in the morning connected to some kind of inner power, and when you wake up disconnect. When you step all in, the light never goes off.
  5. Spending time with yourself in silence is the best way to know anything you need to know. Just listen.
  6. First impressions are just that, first impressions. They usually do not involve the questions of the character.
  7. Everything is for sale in Washington D.C. If you are in the market to sell your soul, look no further.
  8. If you are not starting every conversation with “this is off the record”, you are not a Washingtonian. Let me rephrase this: you are not an important enough Washingtonian.
  9. What you think, matters. So better say it like you mean it.
  10. While many are qualified to participate, not that many are qualified to be fully involved. Pay attention to this difference.
  11. It is one of the biggest myths that validation is external. Once you validate yourself, you won’t longer care about what anyone else thinks of you.
  12. Honoring yourself comes at the price of losing some people.
  13. Test of your superpowers comes at the moment when you are presented with an opportunity to misuse them. Never take someone down just because you can.
  14. To each their own. That really is true. You can only take responsibility for your own decisions and behavior. This lesson I think I had to learn again and again. I hope that I have finally passed that test.
  15. Ambition is shameless for most of the people. That still is the lesson half-learned.
  16. Self-promotion works. Just ask President Trump.
  17. Cutting corners never works but is usually a sign of a deeper, fundamental change that needs to be made. The problem is, you are the one who will need to face and address this change.
  18. Present people with a test, early on into their relationship with you. Then, do not beat yourself up for seeing them fail. Especially take note of those who immediately show no effort or intention to retake the test and prove themselves worthy of you and your time.
  19. Rome was not built in a day, but it can be destroyed in one. Be careful who is the partner you are building your Rome with.
  20. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to disconnect.

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