“We are dealing with censorship on a massive scale, with Twitter going after journalists ultimately posing as arbiters of truth. Journalists oversee everyone, but no one is watching Twitter”, writes Ksenija Pavlovic Mcateer in her column 15 days ahead of the Election Day.  

Welcome to Day 15 before the historic election. Today, Trump held a rally in battleground Arizona. Ahead of the final Presidential Debate on Thursday, Joe Biden may very well be in hot water in front of the American voters. Spectators are eagerly awaiting Thursday night to see President Trump press the under-reported Hunter Biden story that surfaced over the weekend, causing social media to go into overdrive, but not with good reason.

Twitter and Facebook pounced on the New York Post article, blocking users from retweeting or sharing the article to other platforms and shutting some accounts down entirely. This act of censorship drew attention from the public not only towards the article in question but ultimately towards the multitude of covert mechanisms through which social networks can control the flow of information. 

With 15 days to the election, the NY Post reported on a review examining biases of Twitter employees as evidenced by these individuals’ Twitter posts. The main social media platform for 89% of journalists, the report found that many employees did, indeed, hold an anti-Trump bias. 

The Republican National Committee filed a complaint regarding Twitter’s role in the hushing of the NY Post article. The Senate Judiciary Committee will vote tomorrow whether they will subpoena Jack Dorsey. 

We are dealing with censorship on a massive scale, with Twitter going after journalists ultimately posing as arbiters of truth. Journalists oversee everyone, but no one is watching Twitter.

What we know already is that Trump thinks of Joe Biden as a “gone-zo,” a “criminal who got caught.” To add more fuel to the election fire, yesterday Joe Biden went milkshaking with his granddaughter while dodging the press and refusing to answer any questions about his son’s emails.  

He received not one Hunter Biden-related question. No reporter in the press pool dared to ask Joe Biden about the elephant in the room, and one of them thought, in the style of Democrat Marie Antoinette, that questioning Biden about his favorite flavor of milkshake qualifies as hard-hitting journalism. It’s clear as day that, should Biden become the president, he’ll get the free pass from the legacy media who do not miss a beat in questioning Trump, all the while failing to apply the same scrutiny to Biden. Politico’s Mike Allen was right to point out that Biden is lucky for being the least scrutinized presidential candidate.  

Trump holds rally in battleground Arizona

On the rally stage in Prescott, Arizona, Trump invited Americans to choose between the American dream and a socialists’ nightmare. That in itself is an effective analogy, the one that speaks for Trump in simple terms going back to the fundamentals of what America is built on. 

On the DOJ investigation of Hunter Biden and Joseph Biden, Trump talked about AG Bill Barr as a very fair person and not the one who wants to hurt people. “There is something very nice about him,” Trump shared.

Joe Biden has made a “corrupt bargain” with the left-wing extremists, Trump claimed, reminding the audience of the deterioration Democratic-run cities have faced in the past decades, increasingly so in the last year. He took a jab at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, saying he “killed thousands and thousands of people” due to the early Covid19 situation involving the nursing homes.

Trump said that the Democrats wanted to postpone the vaccine so it does not come out before Election Day. 

He then cut to the blazing sun. Trump asked for some sunblock, “I am always preaching to my children, sunblock, sunblock— and here I am standing here without it, like an idiot,” he referred to himself. 

Trump went on to explain to his existing and potential voters that Biden is running on a platform of raising taxes, moving quickly to say that the “press is more corrupt than Biden” for not reporting on his corruption. 

“Biden wants to destroy suburbs,” warned Trump in the sweltering Arizona heat, calling women from the suburbs to raise their hands. “They said that women do not like Trump,” he nodded to point out it is not true. He called on them to say that ANTIFA and the radical left want to hit suburbs. 

“Biden should not be allowed to run,” Trump said in response to Hunter Biden’s emails. “If that was me, they would not allow me to run. If that was Don Jr., imagine what would be.” Trump reminded his voters that “they went after my kids,” reflecting on Don Jr.’s experience. 

Trump reminded the audience of his refusal of the President’s salary. “I am the only president that did not accept the salary,” he began, adding, “They never talk about it, but every month they call to ask: ‘Did he give up his check?’”. 

Trump then called Kayleigh McEnany on stage to confirm what he had just said. “That is absolutely true Mr. President,” the Press Secretary said, using the moment on stage to address the audience. “With your help, we can beat the social media, we can beat the media,” she went on, energetically. The MAGA audience approved. 

The closing argument 

Trump called himself the outsider who is finally putting America first. 

He reiterated his take on the Biden family as a “criminal enterprise.” Biden’s laptop he called “the laptop from hell” maybe worse was from Anthony Weiner, the President insisted. 

Trump’s consistent take on the media as an extended and corrupt arm of the Democratic Party was a recurring theme at the rally. 

The President called NBC’s Kristen Welker “a radical democrat”, stating how she deleted her Twitter account ahead of Thursday’s debate, which she will be moderating. He said she deleted her tweets to hide what she had posted in the past. He said she has been shouting questions at him ever since he became president. “She’s no good. I figure, what the hell,” Trump shrugged. 

“We are dealing with the corrupt, crooked media,” Trump said. “Even a tougher person would be in the corner a long time ago asking for a mommy to take him home,” Trump kept on his monologue. 

“We get hammered every day,” Trump said self-indulgently, in a gladiator-style, 15 days before the American voters give their final say. “These are the biggest rallies in history ever held by a political candidate,” said the President.

Ksenija Pavlovic is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Pavlovic Today, The Chief White House Correspondent. Pavlovic was a Teaching Fellow and Doctoral Fellow in the Political Science department at...

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