President Trump waves to supporters from Marine One as he departs Prescott, Arizona—for a second rally in Tucson, Arizona. Source: Dan Scavino/Twitter

Trump’s campaign message, however cacophonous, has unwaveringly centered around the American Dream. Two weeks before Election Day, this unceasing narrative remains. “Success will bring America together,” the President foresees. 


Welcome to Day 14 before the historic 2020 election. At 8 AM, Trump joined Fox & Friends by phone for an interview. Straight out of the gate, Trump went after Adam Schiff for misleading the public by claiming that Hunter’s laptop was part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Trump remarked that someone has to “put Schiff away,” moving quickly to state that he is confident of winning the election, as Biden is hiding from the press and, despite the efforts of Mainstream Media and big tech companies, is hurt by the story published by the NY Post.

“Shifty Schiff”, as some have come to know him, claimed definitively that the laptop was a plot conceived and carried out by Russia. “They are horrible liars,” Trump said. “Schiff is a danger to our country,” Trump added, insisting that, contrary to Schiff’s claim, the laptop was not planted by Russia. “This has nothing to do with Russia,” Trump insisted, adding that the DNI director is on record saying that Schiff’s claim is false. 

“We are hitting them back,” Trump declared, assessing the state of the election. 

11 House Republicans want to start an investigation based on the contents of Hunter Biden’s emails. The question is whether or not will Trump appoint a special prosecutor.

“The Attorney General has to act fast.  He has to appoint someone,” Trump demanded. 


On Thursday, Biden and Trump will share a stage for the final presidential debate. Joe Biden has nothing on his public schedule until then, and it will be up to Trump to bring the questions none of the legacy media has been willing to ask the presidential candidate on the financial activities of his son, Hunter Biden.

“This is the laptop from hell,” said Trump, who is convinced that, despite the media outlets refusing to cover it and shielding Biden from any tough line of questioning, Biden is in hot water.  “You can’t have your son walk out with 3.5 million dollars from the Mayor of Moscow’s wife,” said Trump. 

The forthcoming debate’s format was altered by the Debate Commission, installing a ‘mute button’ to keep candidates respectful of the allotted time. Additionally, the topic of foreign policy was scrapped at the last minute.

“I think the whole thing is crazy,” Trump expressed his frustration. “I had a problem with them in the past,” Trump shared, reflecting on the debate in 2016 when his mic was muted while he was on the stage. “These are not good people, this commission,” Trump went even further to state his mind, moving quickly to NBC’s Kristin Welker, moderator of the final debate.

“Kristin Welker is terrible, she is totally partisan, her father and mother are big supporters of Joe Biden. Scully is no baby, either. Kisten Welker is far worse than [Steve] Scully but I will do it either way.”

Trump exhibited longing for a “fair debate” given that, in his mind, “Kristin Welker can’t be neutral at all.”

Trump then accused Biden of being a liar. “Joe lies, and he lies a lot,” Trump assessed, even claiming he is, “far worse than Hillary, and she was dirty. She was terrible, but Joe is a dirty player.” Trump did not shy away from speaking his mind. 

The Commission has announced they will mute candidates during their opponent’s initial responses. That is a far bigger change than the mute button, Trump argued, “out of nowhere they have made that change”.

“The Commission has lost tremendous credibility”, Trump said

The Trump campaign wanted, the President explained, at least, a fair fight. “So far, there is nothing fair about this debate”, he said. The Twin Town Hall events held last Thursday brought to light the disparity between journalists’ treatments of the candidates. On his moderator, Trump said, “Savannah was totally out of control.” 

In the final debate, Biden and Trump will stand next to each other in stark contrast: “the Great American dream versus a socialist hell”, according to Trump.


Trump shared in his interview on Fox & Friends that he would rather go bigger than a $2.2 Trillion stimulus package,“but Nancy Pelosi does not want to do anything before the election, because she thinks it helps her, but I actually think it helps us,” Trump said.

“Nancy Pelosi does not want to approve anything,” Trump reiterated. “Maybe she changes her tune and I can tell you there is a little bit of that and it can be very positive for American people”

“We have to open up and live with it,” Trump said, setting his sights on the future. “Barron, a young man, he got it [COVID19] too, and by the time I asked how he’s doing, he got better,” Trump said, attempting to point out how minimally children are affected by the disease. 


“This is the most important election in the history of our country, and people have to get out to vote. We will never allow this country to become a socialist country,” Trump declared, pointing to his main campaign message for the American people. 

50 Cent supports Trump’s tax cut. Joe Biden wants to violate that, which will take away the $1000 child tax credit. “You’ll go to depression if Joe Biden gets in,” Trump predicted.

“We are doing very well, we are going to win the election.” Trump seems to be convinced, although the points show a narrow difference at this point. 

“We are up in Florida, NC, PA is pretty even. We are having rallies the likes of which nobody has seen ever before. There have never been rallies with this kind of love and numbers,” Trump said optimistically.  

The Democrats, though, believe that they have a chance of turning Texas blue. “Texas is with us,” Trump was insistent. “They want to take away the second amendment, fracking, and oil. Texas won’t be losing their religion,” Trump announced confidently. 

Success will bring America together, said Trump of the great ideological divide that is ripping America apart. 

Today, the First Lady Melania is joining Trump in Pennsylvania on the campaign trail. “Economy is coming back so strong,” Trump said. In Pennsylvania, the state Trump turned red, the race is close. The Supreme Court allowed a 3-day extension for Pennsylvania ballots. 

“We are in the middle of a battle we have to win,” said the President, adding that, unlike Biden, he will reveal his milkshake flavor after he finishes the job of being President. Be it a matter of months or years, the American people will have to wait on that one.

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