Do you have strong positions and fresh perspectives on the current state of America and world affairs? Do you feel that modern reporting is lacking the Voice of youth that is integral to the future of our world? Apply to become Gen Z Voice at The Pavlovic Today.


Write about the Trump administration, global affairs, Congress, gun control, gender equality, etc from the standpoint of your generation.

Whether you are interested in politics, an expert in any field, or simply a critical thinker looking to share your Voice with an engaged audience we want to hear from you. Our goal is for this to be a pivotal experience in your professional development. 

Becoming a Gen Z Voice will give you an opportunity to take your experience outside of the classroom with the opportunity to be published! Current undergraduate students are eligible to apply. Positions are unpaid. 


1. Send your resume and cover letter to

2. Submit an original response to the social and/or political event that caused your attention. Your response should be up to 1000 words. 


The Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto:

“Former Munk One student Sayeh Yousefi is interning at the White House Press Corps for The Pavlovic Today where she is applying her global affairs knowledge acquired at the Munk School.” 

” I am a senior at the University of Toronto specializing in Peace, Conflict, and Justice at the Trudeau Center in the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. My experience as a writer and editor for The Pavlovic Today has been fundamental to my development as a journalist, writer, and most importantly – an engaged global citizen. My internship with The Pavlovic Today in the White House Press Corps was a unique opportunity to engage with U.S. politics at the pinnacle spot of news reporting – to understand and appreciate the role of journalists in shaping the news and relaying information to the world. Aside from the incredible first-hand access to news sources awarded to young, aspiring journalists, Ksenija’s mentorship is meaningful, personal, and taught me the value of being a journalist with integrity. The Pavlovic Today is a great opportunity for youth interested in impactful journalism and to learn from experience.” — Sayeh Yousefi, University of Toronto

Yeji Lee, University of Toronto, Columbia University 

Pavlovic Today’s White House News Desk intern, Yeji Lee, shares her insights on the future of journalism and how working with The Pavlovic Today prepared her for studying at the prestigious Columbia School of Journalism.

“Before working with The Pavlovic Today, I’d written a lot of lifestyle and general opinion pieces. I never really learned how to write a political article. The formatting, and what I should and shouldn’t include in the article, and all the intricacies of political writing – all the pieces that you would never learn by yourself. Ksenija really guided me into what I should and shouldn’t be doing with the information available to write the articles.” — Yeji Lee, Columbia University

Grace Jin, Yale University

“I’m a junior at Yale University double majoring in Global Affairs and Ethics, Politics, and Economics. My experience with writing for The Pavlovic Today certainly helped me build and find my writing voice, revolutionized the way I think about and interact with journalism, and allowed me to create news catered to and written from the perspective of Generation Z. The internship program and Ksenija allowed me deep flexibility and responsibility with what and how I wrote, while allowing me unimaginable access to White House background calls and covering political issues with a regular beat. I recommend this program for anyone interested in content creation, building experience in journalism and regular writing, and a glimpse inside a newsroom”— Grace Jin , Yale University

Jasmine Razeghi,  Writes News And Spotlights Gen Z Voices With The Pavlovic Today

My supervisor, Ksenija Pavlovic-McAteer, keeps the interests of her interns in mind. We are often assigned news that she knows we have personal interest in. I have hopes of becoming a journalist after Whitman, and Ksenija has been an excellent mentor in my first experience with real journalism. Writing for The Pavlovic Today gave me the opportunity to be a part of the news media, which is constantly under threat. To write the truth as a journalist in the “fake news” era is an honor in itself.