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Biden will lunch with VP Harris before speaking on the importance of American manufacturing and well-compensated union jobs. 


The crypto market expands in Canada, as KPMG adds Bitcoin and Ethereum to the balance sheet. 


Prime Minister Johnson and President Biden continue to raise the stakes for the Russian threat to Ukraine.

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President Biden’s pledge on his first day in office was to fire anybody who mistreated their employees. Pasaki confirmed that “officials conveyed directly to Dr. Lander that his behavior was inappropriate.” As a result, Dr. Lander resigned and the President accepted his resignation “with gratitude.” Biden thanked Dr. Lander “for his work at OSTP on the pandemic, the Cancer Moonshot, climate change, and other key priorities. 

Vladimir Putin continues to add to military formations on the border of Ukraine, including artillery and long-range fires, air and missile defense, as well as special operations, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby confirmed. Putin “has a full suite available to him, and it continues to grow every day, including just over the last two days,” Kirby reported. 

Will the Russian leader move in on Ukraine? Nobody can tell with certainty, not even President Biden. In the meantime, the US continues to pursue “a two-track approach,” deterrence and diplomacy.


On February 8, 1735 first opera performance in North American colonies “Flora” opened in Charleston, South Carolina.

In other news…

Soprano Nevena Bridgen shares her opulent talent in a world-premier of her music video for Puccini’s “Vissi D’arte.” Bridgen’s artistic vision honors 122 years since Puccini’s Tosca premiered.


Today, Biden will have a working lunch with VP Harris. Then he will address the nation on the subject of rebuilding American manufacturing to be American-made. He will also talk about lower energy costs and creation of union jobs with decent compensation. 


In Canada, KPMG now has Bitcoin and Etherium on their balance sheet. 


Bitcoin (BTC):$42,613.23

Ether (ETH):$3,075.99


LUNA: $57.56


At the joint press conference with Olaf, Biden promised to “bring an end” to Nord Stream 2 in the event that the Russian military acts in Ukraine. The president said that he does not know what Putin is going to do. “I think he has to realize that it would be a gigantic mistake for him to [make a] move on Ukraine. The impact on Europe and the rest of the world would be devastating, and he would pay a heavy price,” he explained, promising, again, that “the most severe sanctions that have ever been imposed — economic sanctions — and there’ll be a lot to pay for that down the road.”

Biden stressed that the sanction “will affect others as well.  It will affect us somewhat.  It will affect Europeans. But it will have [a] profound impact on his economy.”

President Macron met with President Vladimir Putin for talks in Moscow. The meeting, according to the two leaders, ended with a promising attitude that a solution to the conflict can be found through talks, with a caveat Macron made that the both sides need to work quickly to prevent escalation. “Right now the tension is increasing, and the risk of destabilization is increasing,” said Macron. Putin asked the French journalist, “Do you want France to fight with Russia? That’s what will happen. And there will be no winners.”

In his article for The Times, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued a warning to Putin of Russia, suggesting that invading Ukraine would only strengthen NATO. The UK is ready to deploy 350 Royal Marines, RAF Typhoons and Royal Navy warships to Poland in support of Ukraine. Britain will not “flinch,” said the Prime Minister, who is fighting for his own party’s survival at the domestic level. Johnson visited Ukraine last week and will be making a second visit to Kiev this week. 

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer was surrounded by a group of demonstrators near the Parliament yesterday. Two people, a woman and a man, have been arrested after clashes between protesters and police. 

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