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The Biden administration is dropping the tariffs on the import of British steel (25%) and aluminum (10%) that Trump imposed in 2018. The UK will end the tax on whiskey and other US importing goods, such as Harley Davidson and Levi Jeans, to reciprocate. 

Is the UK-US trade deal looming on the horizon? Perhaps. 

Your top news stories of today are below. 

Ambassador To The US Marko Djuric Denounces Disinformation Campaign Espousing That Serbia Wants To ‘Invade Kosovo’

“Balkanization of the Balkans is a thing of the past,” says the Serbian Ambassador to the US Marko Djuric in response to the disinformation campaign that “Serbia plans to invade Kosovo.”

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Biden is on the way to Brussels today. He will attend an emergency NATO Summit, joined by the leaders of 29 NATO Allies. At a session of the European Council, he will address the 27 leaders of the European Union and will participate in coordinating the next phase of military assistance to Ukraine. 

Biden is planning to impose further sanctions on Russia. He will announce joint action on enhancing European energy security and reducing Europe’s dependence on Russian gas. 

The President is expected to hold a press conference at NATO Headquarters.

From Brussels, President Biden will travel to Poland, where he will engage with US troops. He will also hold a bilateral meeting with President Duda of Poland.

Since Jen Psaki tested positive for COVID and needs to be quarantined for five days, Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre will travel to Brussels and Poland in her place with the President. 


Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis will introduce a new crypto bill that would allow consumers to use crypto for small payments and transactions without having to pay tax. 


Bitcoin (BTC):$41,978.79

Ether (ETH):$2,953.69


LUNA: $93.13



Biden believes that Putin can use chemical weapons against Ukraine.

In a speech to Italian MPs yesterday, Zelenskyy said that Ukraine is on the brink of surviving the war with Russia. 

Residents of Boryspil have been told to leave the area ariwa as Russian forces draw closer.

“This war will not end easily or rapidly,” Jake Sullivan stated his evaluation of the war in Ukraine at a White House briefing yesterday. 

According to the UN estimate, more than 900 civilians have been killed since the start of the war in Ukraine. 

Alexei Navalny has been sentenced to 9 years in prison on embezzlement charges, and this sentence is an extension of the two-and-a-half year sentence Navaly is serving already. He was arrested in 2021 at a Russian airport on his arrival from Germany, where he recovered after being poisoned in 2020 with Novichok. 

Ned Price, the State Department Spokesperson, condemned the sentencing. “We urge the Russian Federation to immediately and unconditionally release Aleksey Navalny and to end its campaign against his organizations and associates. Navalny’s case is, sadly, one of many the Kremlin continues to brazenly pursue as it systematically ignores the constitutional rights of the Russian people and its international commitments to respect and ensure human rights and fundamental freedoms. Now more than ever, the people of Russia must be able to hear voices of courage and integrity that tell the truth about the Kremlin’s wrongdoing at home and abroad.”

UK’s PM Boris Johnson spoked to PM Narendra Modi to urge him to side with the West against Russia after India abstained from voting in the UN to condemn Russia earlier this month.

In the newly released segment of the prank call, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told the imposters posing as the Ukrainian PM that the UK was running out of anti-tank weapons to send to Ukraine. 

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