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The Power Of Acceptance

If you are struggling with acceptance, here is the list of things you have to accept in your life, past, and present. 


Accept who you are

Accept people for who they are

Accept life the way it is

Accept misfortune

Accept loss

Accept everything you cannot change

Accept what you can change before you change it

Accept your imperfection

Accept your parents’ imperfection

Accept that life is not fair

Accept when you are wrong

Accept your past

Accept your mistakes

Accept your shadows

Accept your weak spots

Accept your oddities

Accept your ordinariness

Accept that you have a choice

Accept that you always have a choice

Accept you are stronger than you believe

Accept you are weaker than you expect

Accept not to expect

Accept failure

Accept death

Accept pain

Accept joy

Accept help when you don’t ask for it

Accept help when you ask for it

Accept you are alone

Accept you are never alone

Accept love

Accept feeling love

Accept uncertainty

Accept risks

Accept challenges

Accept that people come

Accept people go

Accept life’s highs

And accept life’s lows

Accept the inevitable

Accept the unexpected

Accept going with flow

Accept staying put

Accept your fears

Accept it all.


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About the author

Kristina Kantar

Kristina Kantar

Kristina Kantar is a writer and soul-searcher. She believes in miraculousness of life, in following your heart and the power of dreams. Strong advocate of freedom of human spirit and nonconformance to social dogmatism she claims her friends are the biggest blessing of her life yet cherishes hours of solitude and silence. Believing spiritual teachings can be practical and livable she enjoys everyday life learning the lessons as they come along, stumbling, falling, getting up and loving it all the way.
She is a certified yoga teacher and reiki practitioner, trained in traditional Hatha yoga at Sivananda Yoga Vedanta organization. She had spent some time in Sivanada Ashram in Catskills Mountains, NY and has been member of the staff in Sivanada Yoga Center in New York City for several months.
Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, she has spent some time in Japan and has lived in Hawaii and New York City.


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