Today, on National Manufacturing Day, President Biden will visit Volvo’s Hagerstown, Maryland facility.

The President’s message to the nation, according to a White House official, will be that his strategy for building the economy from the bottom-up is “accelerating” America’s progress.

What will Biden talk about?

The President will say in his live speech that he and congressional Republicans have two very different economic views for the country. “His from Scranton, and congressional Republicans’ from Park Ave,” said White House official. At Volvo, Biden will give a “stark warning” that if congressional Republicans take power, “they will worsen inflation, raise costs for families, and hand wealthy special interests a tax giveaway.”

The President will also talk about the Inflation Reduction Act and its effect on lowering prescription drug prices, energy bills, and health care costs.

Congressional Republicans have said their top economic priority is
to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act, “making all of those costs spike and killing the new clean energy manufacturing jobs being created because of the Inflation Reduction Act, ” according to White House official.

He’s also expected to “remind the country that the last time congressional Republicans held majorities, they passed a tax giveaway for rich special interests that made it easier to ship jobs overseas.”

In Maryland, President Biden will say in his speech that “special interests get away with paying no federal taxes.And they’ll put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block.” 

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