The White House internal document the Biden team wants Americans to know about stipulates how “in spite of unprecedented crises and opposition from Congressional Republicans, President Biden and Congressional Democrats got an enormous amount done for the American people in 2021.”

On the vaccination front, the Biden White House says that at this time last year, “less than 1% of Americans were fully vaccinated.”

Today, “more than 71% of American adults are fully vaccinated,” and 85% of adults have had their first vaccine. While the numbers look good for Biden, vaccines were not available for the general population at this time last year, and Biden still cannot reach close to 30% of unvaccinated Americans to change their minds. 

To encourage Gen Z to get vaccinated , Joe Biden has recorded a video with The Jonas Brothers. Dinner plans. POTUS?

The White House cites the school opening at 99%, comparing it at 46% percent when Joe Biden came into the office. 

The memo on Biden’s achievements emphasizes the passing of the American Rescue Plan as the top achievement, decline in unemployment claims, from 18 million to 2 million. Still, it does not say that much of that is due to the expiration of eligibility to receive unemployment benefits after a specific time. 

In October 2021, the annual inflation rate in the United States reached 6.2.%, the highest in more than thirty years. The White House memo also does not mention the rate of inflation and gas prices that went up since the president took office. 

The White House memo praises the appointment and confirmation of judges. Specifically, that the Senate confirmed 28 judges, “more judges in its first year than any other administration in the past 50 years.”

The whole White House internal memo on President Biden’s achievements you can read down below: 

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