The G7 leaders arrived for the photo at 14:37 local time.

They were led by Chancellor Sholz and PM Boris Johnson. President Biden wore his Aviators as he was approaching the photo stage but took them off before taking his position.

YouTube video
Host footage of the family photo at the G7 summit, taking place on 26 June 2022, in Schloss Elmau.

All male G7 leaders were tieless.

Sholz said something indistinct about giving the photographers five minutes.

“I’d be shocked if they haven’t got it,” Boris Johnson responded.

Biden looked at the ranks of photographers from left to right.

Biden arrives for the Family Photo ( ©European Union)
Biden arrives for the Family Photo ( ©European Union)

As they left Biden, Trudeau, Macron and Ursula von der Leyen lingered to chat.

The photo was taken as they stood on a simple wooden platform set up in front of a spectacular view of the Bavarian Alps.

G7 Family Photo
G7 Family Photo ( ©European Union)

President Biden positioned between Sholz and Johnson, according to G7 protocol.

Earlier this morning at G7 Biden met for a bilateral meeting with Sholz.


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