At the meeting in New York with his British counterpart James Cleverly, Secretary Blinken said that Russia is looking to proceed with the “sham referenda in Ukraine” that would then “lead to them claiming the annexation of Ukrainian territory.”

Blinken said the Russian President is showing “utter contempt and disdain” for the United Nations and said that Putin is looking at the potential mobilization of additional forces against Ukraine.

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“The very principles that we’re here to uphold this week in the charter – sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity – are what are being violently aggressed by Russia, including through the attempts to proceed with these referenda and putting even more forces into the effort to seize Ukrainian sovereign territory,” said Blinken.

US Secretary welcomed James Cleverly and said he’s thrilled to work with the UK on “virtually every issue of concern around the world.”

Blinken said that the fact that the UK is a “partner of first resort” is giving “tremendous comfort in these turbulent times” to him and President Biden.

Foreign Secretary Cleverly recalled the last time he was at the United Nations ahead of the “aggressive actions” of Russia.

“Not everyone believed us at the time,” said Cleverly, reminding everyone, “nevertheless those tanks crossed the border.”

Cleverly said the actions of Vladimir Putin against Ukraine Secretary Blind talked about “have got to be called out.”

Ahead of arriving in New York, Cleverly said that “there must be no impunity for Putin’s hostility.”

PM Liz Truss will deliver her speech at UNGA on Wednesday in which she is expected to say to her fellow world leaders that “We will no longer be strategically dependent on those who seek to weaponize the global economy.”

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